Texting Your Girl That You Have an STD

Text messages are quickly becoming the new form of communication.  That’s why I wrote this article about what to text after a fight.  It seems that text messages are the way to let people know your feelings.  So much for “manning up” and telling a girl things to her face!

If it’s recently been determined that you suffer from an STD – a sexually transmitted disease – you have to take this matter seriously and one of the first things you have to do is let your partner know about it.

Should You Tell Your Girlfriend You Have an STD via Text?

You should make telling your partner an urgent and number one priority. And it might be a terrifying thing for you to have to do, but it’s something that you have to get over so that you can let her or him know about it sooner rather than later.

Some people like to do it over the phone, while others prefer to do it in person.

This is not going to be a comfortable situation at all, so if you want to go for a different option, you could think about texting your partner and telling her or him that you have an STD.

Do you think it would be easier to tell them via text?

So many people have realized the value of getting their message across without actually having to talk to the person.

So if this is the case, then you should absolutely use texting as your method for letting your partner know about your sexually transmitted disease.

However, I think this is extremely cowardly.  Be a d*mn man and make a phone call at the very least. Meeting in person may be a bad thing to do because she may go ape shit.  She deserves a phone call, however.  Texting and emailing is for wimps.  However, it’s better than not telling her.

It’s Important to Get Regularly Tested for STDs

It doesn’t really matter how safe you are when having sex, it could be very possible to get an STD when you least expect it.

You can wear condoms all day long and still wind up getting a sexually transmitted disease.

So, if you plan on continuing the lead an active and healthy sex life, you really have to think about getting tested on a regular basis to find out if you are a carrier of an STD.

This is especially true if you plan to have multiple partners on a regular basis.

If you’re in a committed relationship and sleeping with multiple partners, your partner in the committed relationship isn’t going to think that you are cheating on him or her, so it’s particularly necessary to get tested on a regular basis so that this person does not contract an STD unexpectedly.

For starters, if they do end up with an STD because you gave it to them, they are going to lose their mind – and rightfully so – and you are going to be in for a world of hell after you break the news or they figure it out on their own.

So, it’s always much better to be safe than sorry. It’s always much better to get tested on a regular basis, and this is especially true if you are active sexually with multiple partners.

So get tested now if you haven’t been tested in a while. Find out your status. If it turns out you do have an STD, it’s time to think about texting your partner to let him or her know.

Understanding the Facts about Your STD

Although it’s definitely important to let your partner know about the STD that you currently have, in case he or she might have it as well, it’s also wise to get to know a little bit more about the sexually transmitted disease in question.

Your partner is going to have questions that need to be answered. They are going to want to know as much about this particular disease as possible, and they are going to come to you and ask for answers because you’re going to be the one telling them that you have this disease to begin with.

So, instead of immediately texting your partner about the STD, it’s best to take some time to do some research first.

This is a good way to approach it so that you can have an honest conversation with your partner, eventually in person and not via text, and it’s also important for you as the person who now has this disease because you’ll want to know as much information as possible.

If you now have an STD, do not automatically panic and become afraid.

Often times, we have a tendency to become ashamed, embarrassed, and we can even feel severely depressed and distraught because of our diagnosis.

Instead of immediately jumping to conclusions, take some time to learn about the symptoms of your STD. Find out about the seriousness of the disease itself and even learn if it’s possible if it can be treated.

Remember, not all STDs are going to stay with you permanently. Although there are some that do not go away, so that’s also important to keep in mind.

For starters, you have to stop having sex temporarily at least until you find out more about your disease.  Don’t be a jerk and have sex standing up and do all sorts of deviant stuff – just hold off on that for now, you have more important things to deal with.

You do not want to accidentally transmit your STD to somebody unsuspectingly; this is especially true if you know that you have one.


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