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Fuckbook Review Update (May ’17): One thing you need to understand about adult dating sites is that they go through changes from time to time. I use this site daily and since I recommend it so highly, I feel obligated to keep you informed on everything about it. Fear not, I am not here to say anything negative about this site, quite the contrary actually! I’m simply letting you know that this site has decided to change its brand name. If you see InstantHookups.com, then you need to know that it’s a relaunch of the infamous Fuckbook site. The technology is better, the signup process is easier, and it’s still considered to be the best dating service on the planet. If guys like us running an adult personals site suggest it, then you’re crazy not to try it out.

Furthermore, here is a snapshot of the screenshot that you’ll see when you visit the new site. That said, keep reading below to find out everything you must know about this dating site and the company involved.

Fuckbook Review (rebranded)

Original Review Below…

Barrett and I tend to favor only the best adult dating websites today. However, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have to try dozens of them before we found out what works.

Today I’m going to give you a rundown on a site called Fuckbook. Before you start making ridiculous preemptive judgment calls, I want you to chill the fuck out and just hear what I have to say. Sure, the name does sound a bit too forward but that is what you’re here for right?  Fuckbook reviews we read online were off the charts, so of course, we had to dive in and see what it was all about.

Tom and I have been scoring local South Beach girls left and right for years using this website and it’s never failed us to date. In fact, we’ve even used it while traveling for our annual college football trips around the country. Guess what, it’s worked in every single city we’ve used it (except one small country bumpkin town with less than 1,000 population). Now, I could have held that back but I’m not here to jerk you off. I’m here to give you an honest no-holds-barred rundown of the Fuckbook dating site.

It didn’t take me long to discover this site. It was actually by accident when doing some searches in Google. I was looking for someone local to bang and started searching for “adults that want to fuck” and other crazy searches. Well, in my search I came across this gem and boy I am happy that I did!

I’m going to share my entire Fuckbook.net review with you so that you can completely understand everything that I’m experiencing.  Frankly, I had to ask myself “is fuckbook real?” It’s very real, very legit, and you’ll want to dive into this review to find out about all my successes there.

But first, let me give you a taste of the site. Check it out below…

fuckbook review homepage

Join fuckbook today

My Fuckbook Login Process, Review, And How I Get Laid

Before I get deep into the registration and login process, I want to tell you why I keep using this site and what I think is truly great about it. I’m all about sending and receiving naked photos with local girls. I also like to see them before I meet up for our casual date. This site has features that make it so simple for me to do all that and then some. I pretty much use it every day while I’m out and about on the beach. It’s got a great mobile site that’s pretty much flawless. Anyway, I won’t bother you with the rest of the details now. Let me just get right into things here so you have more time to meet girls to fuck in your hometown.

I chose to go straight for the upgrade from day one. Not that you need to do so but that’s just the way that I like to roll. I registered, filled out my profile, got logged in and had a blast. One thing led to another and I found myself waking up in the middle of the night checking the site to see if local girls were online. Using this dating site is an awesome experience and one that I’m still enjoying. The company really goes above and beyond to make your experience a great one. Here are a few things that you need to know about the site.

Some of my favorite things about Fuckbook are…

  1. No bullshit Approach Towards Online Dating
  2. Fantastic Video Chat And Instant Messaging
  3. 99% Personal Hookup Rate In Most Areas
  4. Well-Established Dating Company That Protects Their Members
  5. No Employee Created Profiles Like Scam Sites Out There
  6. Functions Flawlessly From A UI/UX

Site Features

My favorite features of this sex dating site are the various functions that exist on your profile. For example, the site allows you to see who’s viewed your profile. This is a huge plus considering you want to make more of an effort to connect with girls that have checked you out.

They’ve also got a really smooth internal messaging system that seems to work quite well. It’s called the “My Mailbox” section and this is where I catalog all the girls that I’ve messaged as well as fucked.

Of course, the site has the standard friends list, hottest ranked members list, and the local matches section. These are all different ways that you can sort through user profiles and meet someone fast.

They offer a live cams section for those that like to chat one on one with dirty cams girls. It’s not my cup of tea unless she’s within a mile from my house. However, it might be

The chat rooms that they have are kinda cool. You can meet swingers and other party animals there. I actually attended a swingers party that was posted in a local chat room. Tom and I went and no we weren’t sword fighting with our dicks, you sick fuck! Keep it together hotshot and find out what the registration process was like.

Fuckbook Login And Registration

Okay, since I know I’ll get this question from someone I’m going to just come out and say it. It’s pretty damn easy to obtain a Fuck book login. In fact, it doesn’t cost you a cent to register. In this section, I’m going to show you the exact steps that I took to join Fbook. I’ve even included screenshots so you can best understand the process.

1) The first thing you need to do is visit the original Fuckbook. Once you are on the homepage you will need to begin the signup process. You’ll be asked to select your gender, the gender you’re interested in, your location and age. You also need to check off the box above the “Continue” button. From there, you’ll need to enter your desired screen name and personal email address. Be sure to choose an email address that you use daily.

fuckbook signup step 1

2) You will then be asked to provide a small amount of additional information. Just a profile headline and something personal about yourself. Keep it honest and real because it will help you get laid more. Click the submit button below.

fuckbook review signup step 2

3) This step is super important as it allows the site to verify that you’re a real person looking to meet for sex. You’ve got to go to your email account and immediately click the validation link. Not doing so is going to restrict your membership access. Just do it.

fuckbook registration step 3

4) You will be sent back to your profile after verifying your registration. This is an important section that I put lots of time into. However, when you get down to brass tacks, it’s a dating profile. Just complete it to the best of your abilities and you should be fine.


5) You’ll then have a chance to browse through some of the members that are a part of this site. I’m pretty certain that you’ll find a few hot girls in your local area that have placed ads on the site. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use this site and I think you’ll find at least a few girls to fuck with some simple browsing effort put forth.


6) I went straight for the upgrade and I’m sure you will as well. That said, you should go for the GOLD membership. It’s only $34.95 per month and it allows you to do just about anything you want on the site.


7) I don’t recommend using a check to complete this transaction. Instead, I urge you to use a credit card. The site will be billing your account as CCBill or something along those lines. Don’t worry, when you sign up, you’re provided customer support information should you need help.


That’s all it takes my friend. If you get through that process, you’ll be well on your way to finding someone to fuck on Fuck Book. Just follow these simple instructions provided above and you should have no issues joining the site. That’s all that I did and it worked like a charm. If a guy  like me can do this, then you should be able to do the same.


I thought this site was very easy to join and use. It’s something that is a must since I get drunk so much partying on South Beach. I need a dating site and app that’s going to allow me to communicate, message and fuck, simple as that. Good news for me and you is that this site does just that! The member’s area is laid out quite nicely and the buttons are colorful and big. This makes navigation a piece of cake.

Customer Support / Company Info

These guys have held a higher standard over almost all other adult hookup sites. It’s because they’ve been around for so long and people just demand good service and results today. I love that this company is willing and able to help you out anytime you run into an issue. They have round the clock customer support and the fact that they make members verify that they are real matters a ton today! I’ve never had any issues dealing with this company ever. The dating service at Fuckbook couldn’t be better really.

If you want to contact the company for any reason at all, I strongly suggest that you try one of the methods listed below…

48 Constant Spring Rd
Kingston 10 Jamaica

42 Dositheou Street
Strovolos, Nicosia 2028


Members Only

Cost To Join

This membership costs anywhere from $1.95 to try as a trial to $12.50 per month for a premium membership. It can cost you on average $34.95 per month if you join like I did.  Like I said, I love to join and upgrade right away for almost every site that I join. If you’re truly seriously about meeting people then you better get a premium membership instead of a free account to try it out. The 12-month option shown above is the best deal that they offer. Choose one of the offers and just go for it. Don’t worry about wasting your money. It’s never a waste if it works. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

Search Function

I spoke about this already but I want to touch upon it once again. The search function is both simple and very advanced. They have a ton of different things that you can filter to crush the search process. I like to start with zip code, build, and hair color. There are plenty of other options but these work just fine for me.

Success Rate

Using the site on a daily basis really helped me. I was one of those guys that would use it at Starbucks, the gym, in the car and basically anywhere that you can think. That’s why my success rate is so great here. I think I’ve been able to bang 9 out of 10 girls that I’ve tried to fuck on average. It takes some getting use to but once you’re in the zone and you’ve got a system down, then you literally cannot fail.

My Personal Experience

I’ll share something really personal with you here. My first hookup using Fuckbook resulted in my fucking on Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach in the alley of a restaurant. You heard that correctly! It works and it does so in a very good way! Overall, I’ve had a great time using this dating site and I can’t say enough great things about Fuckbook. I was able to connect with thousands of members on a weekly basis and it seemed as though new members were showing up in my local area almost daily. Something that never got boring and that helped me meet people to fuck. Simple as that. Trust me, if a guy like me can get lucky then you can too.

FAQ Section

This section shows some of the most popular questions that I’ve been asked via email. Feel free to check them out and the applicable answers.

Are Fuckbook.com and Free Lifetime Fuckbook the same?No, they most definitely are not the same. You want to make sure that you’re joining the right one. Just click the button below to get things started.

Does the Fuckbook app work well?The app works pretty much flawlessly. There’s only one other app that I can think of that works just as well as this one.

Is Fuckbook a scam or legit? If you have to ask this then you didn’t read my review. It’s 100% legit. You just need to make sure you’re joining this Fbook site!

Is Fuckbook free?It is free to register but you must pay to get full access to use the site. It’s a good thing too because if not, it would not work as well.

Is this the best site out there?I’d say it’s a top 3 adult dating site and one that I will vouch for until it stops working for me. It’s been working for years now.

Final Verdict

I’ve got no other choice but to give this a huge thumbs up. Fuckbook sets the bar when it comes to meeting someone locally that just wants to fuck. It’s like having a Blackbook full of pussy on your mobile phone. I’ve been using this site for years and the company behind the site is rock solid. Great casual dating service and solid members. What’s not to love about it! Give it a shot…

try fuckbook

Reviewed by: Tom

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Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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