Having Sex Standing Up

You all know I’ve been hammering out major content on sexual positions lately, and I don’t intend on stopping. Face to face sex was my last update, in case you missed it.

Like P. Diddy says “Can’t Stop.  Won’t Stop.”

Today we’ll go into what some people refer to as “doggy style standing up” but we’ll just shorten that to standing sex for now.

How to Have Sex Standing Up

So, you have this computer video which always makes me chuckle.  It literally never gets old to me no matter how many videos I watch with this awesome simulated voice.

Having sex standing up can be fun, I do it quite frequently in the shower.

Take your woman’s ass and hips and bring it towards you.  Stick it inside her when the time is right and she’s nice and wet.  You’ll want to think about bending your knees depending on her height.

She may push back into you, which is hot.  Take into consideration if you are in a shower there is a lot of leverage to be used here.

Sometimes it sucks standing up for so long, (or if you prematurely cum maybe “not so long” lol) but let’s look at the bright sides:

  1.  You are getting laid.
  2.  You are strengthening your legs.

For bonus material, use a clit vibrator and she’ll really feel it.  This is best done in the shower or in other times when you are in tight quarters.



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