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I know when to share and when not to share a dating site with you. That said, Milfplay is a must share in my book. It’s not necessarily for everybody, given that many aren’t into cougars and older women. However, those of you that are into them, this site will have you happy from day one. Let me start by telling you that I did not stop using Fuckbook and Fling. Instead, I added this milf dating website to my arsenal and it turned out to be a game changer.

I happened to be craving some aged booty after watching American Pie. I see so many stuck up looking South American milfs hanging out on Miami Beach. The only thing that’s going through my mind each time I pass one if just how much I wanna bang them. These snobby older women carrying their Louis Vuitton bags and prancing around in expensive high heels in high trafficked shopping centers may look uninterested but they’re really looking for some young buck to take them to pound town. How do I know? I’ve been successfully sticking my D in their P for as long as I can remember. It’s all thanks to the website.

milfplay review

My Milfplay Review After Using The Mobile Site On Miami Beach For Months

Here’s what I’m going to do for you here. I’m going to share my entire experience here, from start to finish as well as the results that I’m currently getting still to this date. I’ll start with the signup process using the Milfplay mobile site. Literally, the first day that I began using this site, I was hooked. Kinda like a junkie smoking crack and doing heroin. I was literally that hooked on this website because it was effective and simply worked like a charm. It made my search to meet milfs so much easier. I met someone the first day and took them on a date that night.

So here’s what I did, I registered and became a full paid member from day one. The offer was just too good to pass up really. It was so simple to join that I simply couldn’t pass it up. I filled out my profile after completing the registration process.

While hitting the gym at Equinox in Miami and hanging out on Lincoln Rd, I would use this mobile site. It was almost effortless to be honest, and more often than not, it lead to having drinks on Ocean Drive or some nice hotels and restaurants with smoke hot milfs. The results were above and beyond what many would kill for on a regular basis. Since time is limited, let me give you a quick run down of everything you get in bullet point fashion.

  • Only Real Milfs
  • Cougars and Sugar Mommies In Every City
  • Superb Customer Support
  • Local Geo Connections
  • No Bugs or Tech Issues Ever
  • Guaranteed Success Rate

Website Features

The features are pretty badass on this dating site. Milfplay has a feature that allows you to see which of the aged women nearby are already members. Do you know how much of a gamechanger this was for my sex life? Literally life changing in terms of meeting horny milfs. Each time I’m in public, I log into my profile and check to see who’s online. The site shows me people that are online and nearby. What that does is help me connect with someone with the same relationship goals within walking distance. I connect with them via messenger and it helps spark things up.

The next site feature that I like to use is the discreet mode feature. This feature allows me to avoid or block women that are too creepy or needy. If you’ve banged a woman and you wish to avoid her, then you can go into discreet mode to do so. Discreet mode keeps your profile unfindable too. So if you’re trying to have an affair then this might be helpful.

Like chatting with milfs on cam? How about having naked video chats? Then you’re in luck. The video chat feature allows you to stream with any woman that you want and all from your mobile phone. If you’re interested in hooking up with someone but you want to test drive them on video first, then that’s what you do.

I haven’t necessarily tried this feature because I like one older woman at a time, but they’ve got group chats and swingers that are online looking to have group sex parties. I can only handle so many milfs at a time, so I typically choose to stick to one for fun.

Find a few women that are offline but that you really want to circle back to? Great, all you need to do is add them to your favorites and you are good to go.

The Milf Play Registration Process

I’m going to show you what I did to get registered on Milfplay and how I used the site. I’ve shared some basic screenshots with you of the entire process as well.

1) First things first, head on over the either on your mobile phone or website. This is where you’ll begin the signup process. You should see a smoking hot mature woman on the left and a reg form on the right. Now that you’ve verified you’re on the right site, you can start the 6-step process.

2) Select whether you’re a man or woman. Pretty simple really, then you need to click the next button.

milfplay review

3) You’ll then want to choose the gender you’re looking to hook up with. More than likely this will be women or sometimes couples.

milfplay review step 1

4) Type in the correct zip code that your closest too. This is important because it helps match you with people on the site.

milfplay signup step 2

5) Next step is to type in your age. Do not lie about this either. It’s very important that you’re honest. Not to mention, mature women love younger men, so if you’re young, then let them know!

milf play enter your age

6) Type in your email address. You’ll need to use one that you use on a daily basis. Then hit the next button.

milfplay enter your address

7) Choose a super secure password that you will be able to remember easily. Definitely keep this personal.

milfplay reg process

8) The Next thing you’ll want to do is complete your profile. You can do this by answering just 13 simple questions. They make it easy to complete these steps.

milf play questions to answer

9) Once you’ve answer the questions, I suggest you upload an attractive photo that doesn’t make you look like a complete nerd. You should also choose a catchy username (that’s not your real name). You can use your webcam to snap a pic or simply upload one that you’ve got handy.

upload a photo

10) If you want to upgrade, then I suggest going straight for the Gold 1-month option for $34.95 per month. They accept all types of credit cards. You’ll be presented with an offer to join as well when joining this site. It’s a trial offer that will rebel at $39.61 pet month. The choice is yours whether you join this as well or not.

upgrade to milfplay premium

Once you’ve purchased the upgrade, you now have complete user access to the site and can take full advantage of the tools they offer.


How do I put this exactly, this site was super easy to use and given that Tom and I are both simple people, it matters. Milfplay is just about as easy as using Facebook or any other social site. The layout is familiar if you’ve read my Fling review, reason being is that the same company created this site. Now, given that is legit then you should expect nothing less than this site. The site could not be any more user-friendly and if you disagree then you’re crazy as can be.

Site Security

Like every other site that Global Personals Media creates, the site is secure as can be. It’s nothing like those other sites on the web that get hacked on a regular basis. Your personal information is safe here. They have an entire building filled with a support team in The United States that handles all your inquiries. No worries of having to deal with some overseas person. Your credit card information is totally secure and the processing is backed by a company using Secure Socket Layer technology. Secure billing and 24/7 support is a grand slam out of the park, simple as that!

I you want to contact the company, then go ahead and use the information that I’ve provided below…

Lawrence G. Walters
195 W. Pine Ave
Longwood, FL 32750

Email Support:

Fax Number:

Cost To Join

I’m sure you saw the screenshot of the prices above. If not, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Let me cut the bullshit and tell you which option you want to go with. Skip every option other than the Gold monthly. If you want to commit, you can go ahead and go for the 12-month membership. It’s a cheap membership per month at $6.67/month. Starbucks on a daily basis costs way more than that for most. Just go for it and you will not be sorry. Now if you’re not ready to commit, then go ahead and try the trial for 2-days.

Rate of Success

I’ve had a lot of success meeting milfs using this adult dating service. My success has been mostly due to spending so much time out and about on South Beach while being extra active on Milfplay. If you want to have sex with older women, then try it out. Basically, you’ll not be let down if you give this a chance. I’d say in terms of percentages, I’ve had about a 98% success rate using this site. Sure, I’m a boss when it comes to closing the deal with women, but not a genius. You can do the same, I’m sure of it.

Search Function

I’ve also covered this briefly but I’ll shed some more light on it. The search function works flawlessly here. If you’re looking to break things down and really laser target a specific type of person, then you’ll be able to do it here. I tend to search for milfs with big boobs, athletic build, and brunette hair. That’s just what I like and I find it almost daily on the site.

Personal Experience

I’ve gotten laid more times that I can remember by connecting with mature cougars and older ladies that agreed to meet me at the W Hotel on Miami Beach. I’ve closed the deal so many times after a few martinis that I can’t begin to recall the actual number.

Final Verdict: This Site Is Amazing!

The final verdict should be pretty obvious at this point. What I’m driving at is that you need to try this site. Simple as that, really and if you don’t want to bang older women, then you’ve just wasted a significant amount of time reading this review. If you’re ballsy enough to make a move, then sign up for the site today.

Reviewed by Barrett


Barrett Richards likes to consider himself a smooth operator in sunny South Beach. He parties like it's his last day on earth. He loves crushing martini's and isn't afraid to try some of the pharmaceuticals he sells if they need to run trials. Find out more about Barrett here.

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