A Few Reasons Why I Love Being A Single Guy These Days

I Love Being A Single Guy

All my boys are getting married or they’re in serious relationships. Guess what, they’re life sucks! Just ask them and they’ll tell you the same. There are some perfectly good reasons why I’ve decided to keep my relationship status single and ready to mingle. Trust me, my life is awesome and if you think otherwise, … Read more

How to Get Past Commitment Issues

Commitment Issues

Unless you’ve been living in outer space for most of your life, you’ve heard of people having a major fear of commitment. Most people, at least at some point, have been made familiar with this particular concept. Fearing commitment isn’t always clear-cut. What does it mean? Are there any particular signs to show that someone … Read more

6 Steps to Getting Back With Your Ex

Getting Back With Your Ex

Are you going to break up? Are your emotions all over the place because your relationship is coming to an end? Or has your relationship already ended and you’re having a tough time accepting break up? Maybe you didn’t want your relationship to end. Maybe you’re really hoping deep down inside that you will be … Read more