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When you want to bang someone, you often wish you could close your eyes and have a “bang buddy” appear in front of you. If you’re wishing that would happen then you need to discover Instabang. This isn’t your typical matchmaker site, not even close! When Tom and I first discovered this site, we quickly realized how effective and amazing it truly is. I stumbled upon this site while browsing the web for something. Funny enough, I wasn’t even looking to hookup at the time, I just stumbled upon it.

At any rate, when I clicked on the ad and began reviewing the homepage, I couldn’t help myself but look further into it. Downloading the app and registering on the site was an absolute must at that point. I’ll share everything that I know about this site, my experience using it and everything in between. Hang on tight, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

instabang review
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My Review Using The App To Bang Locals

This app was one of the game changers of the year for me, far as I’m concerned. I didn’t set very high expectations for it, just because I’ve been down this road before. However, I ended up using it for two months and still use in occasionally today. Miami Beach is a pretty easy place to meet someone to hook up with, but Instabang aka iBang really helps me skyrocket my numbers in the bedroom.

Thinking about what is really important to me, I knew that it was essential to download, register, and upgrade all in the same day. Since I don’t like to waste time or kick tires, I jumped in with two feet and set things up quickly. I went right for the upgrade and spared no expense. Why? Well, sometimes you need to make moves and adjustments to successfully make it in life. My philosophy is to not half ass anything. I’m either all in or I’m out! Anyway, so I went 100% in there like swimwear and got to working on local girls in a matter of minutes after registering. The whole signup process took close to four minutes in total. To not waste your time, I’ll come out and say that I hooked up almost immediately using Instabang. Here are a couple of features that I really liked about the site:

  1. No B.S. Fake Profiles To Deal With
  2. Stellar Customer Support
  3.  Incredible App Stability
  4. Easy Discreet Email Messaging
  5. Lots of Members
  6. Hot Local Girls

IB Features

I’ll cover some of the features that I think make this site amazing. The mobile site alone is what I’d refer to as the bomb! Cheesy, I know but it’s totally true. The app and mobile site are flawless, where most other dating services are not even close to as good as this one.

The site also has a cool discreet mode which allows you to remain quiet and lurking about without other members knowing that you actually exist on the site. That in itself can be a game changer for many users. It allows you to contact people you want to hookup with and not get bombarded with messages by randoms.

I conveniently use the Favorites feature to tag users that I want to eventually meet. Sometimes it works well and allows me to better connect with them while other times it doesn’t. It really depends on the girl.

The chat rooms are fun if you like communicating with groups of people. Occasionally, you’ll see a group chat session taking place where some locals in your area might be coordinating a swinger party or something. If you have a chance to partake in that, I say go for it!

There are lots of other features that I like about this site, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself to get the full effect of things and how they work.

Signup Steps and Logging In

I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the exact signup process. This really doesn’t get any simpler than this folks. I’m going to share the screenshots of the exact steps that I took to get signed up on this site. Pay close attention here…

1) Visit the web page either on your phone or desktop. I typically join via my desktop but that’s just me. Just click here to go to the homepage and you’ll be ready to get things started.

2) Now that you’re on the homepage, you should see a bunch of girls and a signup form. You know what to do here, start filling the form out by selecting your gender. If you’re a guy, then select male and hit the next button.

instabang step 1

3) Next, you need to select the gender you’re looking to hook up with. I chose women because I want to bang local women, simple!

Instabang Step 2

4) Then you’ll need to be as accurate as possible and provide your zip code. This accuracy is huge because it helps you find local users easily.

Instabang enter email address

5) Then you need to select your age. Don’t lie here either. They’ll know when they meet you in person. It’s not worth wasting anyone’s time over here.

Select your age

6) Then you need to provide a working email address that you check daily.

Enter your email

7) Choose a secure password that you’ll remember easily. If not, you’ll end up resetting it every time you log in. Make it simple to remember.

instabang choose a password

8) You’ll then be granted access to the Instabang member’s area. This is where you can quickly upload a few photos, select who you’re looking for and get to connecting with girls immediately.

Members Area

9) If you’re like me and you take action immediately, then you’ll want to upgrade your membership immediately. Here’s what you need to do. I suggest upgrading to the monthly membership. Go all in and give it a shot. Don’t half ass the process of hooking up. Premium

You’ll need to enter your payment information, process the payment and you’ll immediately be granted access to a bunch of features and options that you likely didn’t know existed. Oh, I should also mention that the site offers and 3-month guarantee that you will get laid. What’s not to love about that?

Now, I guess I’ll dive into the other aspects of the site that most find important…

Site Usability

This adult dating service is simple to use. As you know, I’m not a computer whiz so simplicity is key for me. Instabang is a super user-friendly dating site that allows just about anyone with a brain to navigate and meet people. You’ll notice how basic and simple both the member area and the homepage are. They do this to not distract you with crap like the typical crappy sites that exist out there. Things you can easily do are send messages, use live chat features, check member messages, and more. The app is even more robust than the actual site itself.

Safety and Support

One thing you’ve got to get past in your head is your fear of not being safe. What I can tell you is that has the best safety and security team behind it known to man. The entire team is based out of the company headquarters and nothing is sent offshore to some country that can barely speak English. There is nothing that makes me sleep better at night knowing that a company that cares about support and privacy actually exists. They go to the extent of checking random members identity and all that jazz.

Assuming that you run into any type of trouble (which isn’t likely to happen), you should contact them below. I strongly recommend that you email versus snail mail. They are quick to respond.

Lawrence G. Walters
195 W. Pine Ave
Longwood, FL 32750

Email Support:

Membership Cost

I covered the cost above in the screenshot that I shared with you, but I’ll cover it again. The price to join is nothing. It’s completely free to become a member. That said, it doesn’t give you access to all the bells and whistles that I’ve mentioned. You’ll want to either go for the 2-day trial for $0.99 or you can just try the monthly recurring membership at $34.95. That’s what I typically recommend that people do. There are other options listed above and if you’re worried about payment don’t be, they accept all major credit cards.

My Succes Rate

I had a decent amount of success using Instabang. If I had to provide a number in terms of girls that I’ve banged. I’d say that I’ve probably successfully hooked up with about 13 girls on this site. That’s not a bad run for a two-month stint. It works if you work it, and that’s all I have to say about that! Sure, I’ve had better luck using other sites but this one really does work quite well.  I’ll be sharing some of the personal questions with you that I’ve gotten via email from people. I’m sick of responding to them individually so I’ll post them here.

Final Verdict

Join today, that’s all that I have to say really. If you think that you’re going to have better luck using some site like or eHarmony, then you’re probably wrong. I’m saying, in general, if you want to meet for sex, then those sites are not the ones for you. However, iBang most definitely is for that!

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  1. This site delivers like none I’ve used before. I typically use the app portion of the service more so than anything. It’s kickass. More booty than I can possibly keep track of, for real.


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