Messages to Send to Women on Meet and Fuck Sites

So you already know the basics of meet and fuck websites, right?  This entire week I’ve been giving tips for success on these new twists on hooking up.  In fact, I just covered the basics of the preferred etiquette to use on these types of sites, so you already have that down.  But, I skipped an important part of the equation.  The part where you send messages to the woman you are trying to meet up with for a casual encounter.

How Should You Craft Your Messages to Women from Hook Up Sites?

Let’s start with absolute text messaging 101 for dating sites:  use solid grammar!

Messaging Women

When you use bad grammar, you look like you aren’t educated. I’m not saying she is looking for Albert Einstein, but let’s be real, a guy with a deep vocabulary and attention to detail is one that’s always going to be in demand.  Avoid using stuff like “u, wat, k,” and other abbreviations. It almost tells her that you are too busy for her.

Abbreviations like the ones above are considered “Netspeak.”  Avoid it at all costs until there is a level of comfort between you two.

Second, avoid the blatant, direct comments that could get you labeled as a deviant.  Stuff like “I’d really like to tear up that xxx,” and “Baby I can’t wait to slide up in you,” may work with certain women, but not the vast majority. Just because you met under the premise that you would meet up with the understanding that you want to hook up with one another doesn’t mean it’s 100% “on.”  She needs to meet you and find trust in you and have some sort of interest in you outside of sex.  On most occasions, this is the case.  So take it easy, no matter how hard of a raging wood you have in your pants and no matter how hot her profile pics are.

Lastly, use a solid opening line.  Something basic, that touches on her interests, is always a great way to start the conversation.  Let’s just say that the profile says she is into “walks on the beach.”  A solid opening line would be “Loved your profile.  Would love to hear about your favorite beaches to take in and enjoy.”

Showing her that you took the time to read her profile is a game changer.  Creating separation from other men out there is a huge advantage that will catch her eye and will show her you took the time to read her profile.  When you do this, you put yourself on another level.

Frankly, these tips can be used on any dating site from this list, but it’s especially important to remind people that the more sexually charged sites work in ways that most people don’t think about.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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