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We are looking for creative AF writers looking to join a solid team. You must be willing and interested in creating content related to online dating, health & body, fitness, relationships, and Miami-related topics. We need contributors willing to write regularly.

Are you able to identify a topic, story, or video and successfully assess its ability to go viral?
Do you know where to look to check for news related to these topics?
Are you a writer with experience blogging or publishing articles?

If so, we want to chat with you!

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and roles of our contributors is simple. Here’s a quick rundown of things for you…

– Submit content ideas to us.
– Create exciting headlines. Write updates. Publish awesome content.

How To Qualify

Qualifying for this position is easy. There are few things that we require…

– Must enjoy creative thinking and writing
– Understand how to use the WordPress platform as a contributor
– Use proper English and grammar
– Pay close attention to details
– Be a forward thinker
– Must be willing to write in our voice and create content that appeals to our audience

Think you’re a good fit for our team? Here’s what we need you to do.

1. Fill out the form below using the subject line “Become A Writer”

2. Share a few content topics or viral story topics that you i) would like to write and ii) you think would be appealing to our audience.

If you meet the needs and pass our test, we’ll send you a reply that same day!

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