Steve Harvey’s Relationship Tips

Tired of failed relationships? Losing the spark? Falling out of love? Seems like you need to be guided by the so-called relationship expert, your very own, Steve Harvey!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, some rules never change and are applicable to both. It’s all a matter of belief in yourself and your significant other and boom, you’re in the right place.

Most of the times it is us who destroy our happiness, not external sources, so take words of wisdom directly from Steve and learn!

Steve Harvey Relationship Tips

Steve Harvey Gives Relationship Advice

  • If a man truly loves you, the fear of losing him should not be there because he would never leave.

True love never fades, so pack up your insecurities and set on for a wonderful ride. Love is not in words but actions so observe ladies.

  • What is predestined for you, will fall into your life; the choice of keeping the right ones and eliminating the wrong ones is on you.

God has given us all the ability to differentiate between what is right for us and what is wrong. Use that wisely!

  • That instant where you know both of you have different goals and aspirations, you should let your significant other go.

Love is not always enough! If you can’t find common ground with your significant other right now then you never will.

  • Everything who’s there for you may not really be there for your interest.

Keep things to yourself. There is no need to share all the details about your relationship with friends. These things are meant to be kept private.

  • Never compromise on your standards; never put anyone above yourself respect.

Many times men and women stoop too low to save their relationship; in the sense that they lose themselves. That is wrong!

  • Be happy on your own than be devastated with another.

Collateral damage should be eliminated; you can’t keep someone happy if you’re not happy with them. Leave it.

  • Actions definitely speak louder than words; listen to their words but see to it whether or not they follow up.

Words may indicate concern but if a man or a woman can’t keep up with what they say they’ll do; then you need to reconsider where you stand.

  • Closure is not always the answer; the quest lies within you

You and only YOU have the ability and strength to move on. Finding out why the other person left you wouldn’t help, its only you who needs to make up their mind about whether or not they want to put the past behind.

  • You can’t change someone with your love but that someone can change themselves for the love they have for you.

Telling someone to change wouldn’t change them, if they really love you, they wouldn’t need to be told. It is something that they would do on their own; whether it’s a man or a woman.

Those are the tips that Steve Harvey lives by.  If you want more from the funny guy, stay tuned. If you want to read something that’s not so funny, you must check out this post.  (It also has an insanely funny video!)



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