A Few Reasons Why I Love Being A Single Guy These Days

All my boys are getting married or they’re in serious relationships. Guess what, they’re life sucks! Just ask them and they’ll tell you the same. There are some perfectly good reasons why I’ve decided to keep my relationship status single and ready to mingle. Trust me, my life is awesome and if you think otherwise, then I suggest you read some of the dating site reviews that I’ve written. You’ll soon have a better idea as to why I’m single in the first place.

Anyway, enough about that, here are some of the main reasons why I choose to be single these days!

I Love Being A Single Guy

Simple Reasons Why I Love Being A Single Guy In The World Today

My guess is that you’re reading my blog post because you’re either single, looking to get single or you’re trying to hookup with someone. If you need to encouragement or a few reasons to stay in the “singles” game, then keep reading. Find out why the single life is bad ass and why I’m loving it!

I Do Whatever I Want

First and foremost, I do whatever I went when I want and how I want. There’s no one (not even my mom) telling me what to do and that’s just the way that I want to live life. Being in a committed relationship means that I’ve got to get approval to do just about everything except take a dump. No thanks, I’ll pass.

I Have Zero Drama In My Life

Think about it for a sec, how many couples do you know that have crazy drama in their life? I’ve got more friends that are fighting with their significant others or an extension of them almost daily. Save the drama for your momma because ain’t nobody got time for that! I sure the heck don’t.

I Meet New People Daily

Since I can go and do whatever I want, I’m typically out and about. That said, I’m also using a mobile hookup app or two while out. It helps me meet a ton of people and connect on a very personal level with them. Meeting new people means more relationships, more fun, and more hooking up.

I Consistently Get Lucky In The Bedroom

girls love single guys

Helping women never forget my name in the bedroom is my specialty. Guess what, since I’m single I definitely get lucky way more than I would if I were in a relationship. I know some folks that don’t get laid monthly let alone weekly.

I Can Handle Everything Myself

Nope. I’m not one of those needy dudes that ask his girlfriend or wife for help. I can cook my own food, order or make frozen pizza, do the dishes, and more. Yup, I do all that without any help from a significant other. Being independent is pretty awesome.

I Travel Every Month

If I want to go to Italy then I go. If I want to head to New York to meet women for the weekend in the city then I simply hop on a plane and do just that, no questions asked. Most people in relationships can’t afford to do that due to busy schedules and expenses. Thankfully, I don’t have that restriction.

regret nothing

Those are all the main reasons why I love being single. If you think that it’s a tougher lifestyle, I’m telling you that it most definitely is not. Life is all about having fun and being single makes it so much better.


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