When is it Time to End Your Marriage?

There are many reasons why people might decide to get married.

They could fall madly in love with another human being and want to spend the rest of their life with them. They could want to get married because they believe they’ll live a happier, richer, more productive and longer life.  However, at the end of the day, sometimes you have to just accept that it’ll end.  Last time I saw the stats on marriage, I recall seeing that it was around 50% of people got divorced.  For that reason, I choose to just have flings and not get attached.

Time To End Your Marraige

When Should You End Your Marriage?

You may have days where you suddenly begin to scream at your spouse because you can’t stand the sight of one another. Or you may have days where you spend your time happily together and are excited to be in the same room with one another.

No matter what, marriage is typically a good thing for just about everybody, yet there may come a time – for a wide range of different reasons – that your marriage may need to come to an end.

At the same time, all of the many reasons why you got married in the first place are reasons why you should not necessarily cast your marriage aside so quickly.

Even if you happen to be in the middle of a troubled marriage, it’s certainly something that you should continue to fight for, whether you happen to be the only one fighting to save the marriage or not.

Believe it or not, you don’t even need the participation of your spouse in order to act correctly and potentially take steps necessary to fix a marriage that is in trouble.

Then again, you could potentially reach a point where you might feel that it’s just too much to handle.

And always remember that when these feelings come about, and you literally feel like you are at your wits end, just know that you’ve got a lot more fight in you and you’re really only about half way to your breaking point.

You may feel like quitting. You may feel like your marriage is completely over. Everybody’s marriage goes through periods like this from time to time.

But, just know that when it feels like the ending is in sight and you have nothing left in your tank, you definitely have more endurance, strength, and a willingness to go on and do what you can to save your current marriage.

When these feelings come about, it could be very difficult for you to understand what everything means. And it could be difficult to determine if you should get separated or divorced from your spouse.

All in all, you will see certain signs that let you know if things are actually coming to an end.

Are you ready to learn the truth about the signs? We will tell you exactly what to look for if your marriage is really in trouble and ready to come to an end.

Are You Experiencing Emotional Abuse from Your Spouse?

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to recognize when you are experiencing emotional abuse, and this is especially true if your relationship is still somewhat intact.

At other times, you may realize that emotional abuse is going on in your marriage, but you might not realize the extent of the damage and neglect that you are experiencing it.

If you find yourself in this situation, it might be best to walk away from your marriage, at least temporarily, and have a chance to actually get out of the situation so you can think about it clearly.

In all honesty though, if you really look within yourself, you’ll know that if there were any types of emotional abuse going on from your spouse.

Is your spouse spiteful? Does he or she belittle you?

Are hurtful comments regularly made toward you? Is there a negative pattern of behavior that you can recognize as emotional abuse?

There are many married couples that have anger toward one another, they regret saying certain things, and they will even hurt one another at times.

This is all normal and part of a healthy marriage. So try not to accuse anyone of serious wrongdoing if you are experiencing normal marital friction.

On the other side of the coin, if you are repeatedly complaining to your friends and family members about a negative things said by your spouse or something really emotionally hurtful that they’ve done to you, then you should be aware that it might be time to move on because of this abusive behavior.

Do You Still Love One Another?

This simple yet poignant question deserves an honest answer.

Are you still in love with one another? This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people stay together for all the wrong reasons.

If there is no longer any love left in the marriage, then it might be time to consider moving on so that you can both become happier with other people or maybe just stay by yourself.

If you really think that your marriage is over, you really need to take some time to be alone with your thoughts for a while and determine if you actually do love your spouse.

On the other hand, you have to figure out if your spouse is still actually in love with you too.

The only way you’re ever going to really know this is if they act like they are in love with you, say things that tell you that they are still in love with you, or to look at it from a negative point of view, they act like they aren’t in love with you and they outright tell you that their love for you is no longer the same that it once was when you first got married.

Whatever happens, just know that it might be better off for both of you if you decide to move on and finally end your ailing marriage.

Why continue to stay in a loveless marriage?

Your kids will eventually understand if you are afraid to split up because they are still young. So try not to use them as an excuse, because they might dislike the situation at first, but they will eventually get used to it, and when they get older they will know why you did what you did.

Are You Experiencing Abuse or Physical Threats?

Finally, another way to easily tell if your marriage is over as if you experience abuse and physical threats.

If you are in a violent marriage like this, you should take the necessary steps to get out of it as quickly as possible before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Go to the police if you have no other options. Let them know about the physical abuse, verbal abuse, and the hurt that you are experiencing from your spouse.


It’s no good for anyone to continue to stay in a loveless marriage. So end it if your time together appears to be over.

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