How To Successfully Be A 30K Millionaire

I live in a place where $30k won’t buy you an average looking vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give people the perception that you’re a millionaire. If you are single and only making a modest $30,000 a year, like thousands of other men, you probably wish you could make more money so you can live a richer life and attract more beautiful women.

What if I told you that you can attract those women and live the life of a richer man on this low income? By following a few simple guidelines, you can live the life of a 30K millionaire playboy. Doing so will help give you a boost in confidence as well as provide a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle.

Who knows, if you get used to walking the walk and talking the talk, you may manifest a fortune for yourself and more women than you can handle. I am 100% positive that you don’t need to be a millionaire to get laid regularly. However, it does help a little bit. That said, give people that perception and it’s going to help with just about everything.

30k millionaire lifestyle

30K Millionaire Tips To Living The Life

Looking to get lucky more? Then you need to portray as if you make more money than you do. No, it’s not easy but definitely doable. Player haters won’t like you, but the girls will be all over you. Do as I say and you’ll be fine. Here’s how you can pull this off without too many issues.

Live On Bare Minimum

The first thing you need to do is budget your money to the point where there is not one wasted cent in your paycheck. Spend just enough to live and spend all the money left over after necessities on your presentation when you go out.

Live on Bare Minimum

Buy a loaf of bread and lunch meat and maybe make a pot of soup that you will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t treat yourself to anything like desserts or snacks and discipline yourself to eat the same thing every meal and save money.

Cancel your cable and get a Netflix subscription for entertainment. Actually, that move is debatable given how popular Netflix and chill time is these days. You might look shady without even having Netflix. I’ll leave that decision to you.

Embellish On What You Do

You don’t have to lie about what you do, but there is nothing wrong with embellishing and making what you do sound more professional and exciting. Work on exaggerating what you do and where you want to go in life and act like you are already there. This not only makes you appear successful, it comes off as genuine because you are telling the truth about what you do making it easier to exaggerate.

Embellish Your Job

Show That Money Doesn’t Concern You

Even though you are extremely careful about every cent that you spend, you cannot make it appear that way when you go out. Spend money with confidence because you will have your spending habits carefully planned out.

I dont care

You will be able to offer a girl an expensive drink at a trendy bar because you have carefully set aside a budget for exactly that. You will be able to buy that expensive shirt with confidence because you have a budget for that as well.


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