Six Simple Rules To Live and Date By

How many people have lied to you over the years about living life and dating people? Whether it’s casual dating or something more serious, people tend to try and bullsh*t you, left and right. I’m a no holds barred type of guy that’s going to keep things simple in sharing the most important rules you need to understand.

Rules To Live And Date By

Six Rules To Live And Date By Today!

These rules are staples as far as dating is concerned, at least that goes for me and other individuals that have their eyes on the prize. Here’s everything that you need to know. If you want to get girls to like you, then you need to follow the rules buddy!

No More Blind Dates

No More Blind Dates

Cut the blind dates out of your strategy. I’m not going to rant here but I must put my foot down with regards to this nonsense. Sure, I could write a twenty-page article on why blind dating lacks everything important about connecting with others but I’ll spare you the details. Just avoid this destructive strategy. Such a time waster if you ask me.

Date For Numbers

numbers game

If you are casually dating fling girls online, then you want to focus on the numbers. Sure, you want to do whatever you need to in order to not look too promiscuous, but you need to have the numbers in your favor.

Step Back And Evaluate

evaluate your dating

Once you’ve had a chance to connect with a number of people using dating sites and you have physically gone on a handful of dates, take the time to look back and evaluate things. Determining what worked to help you get something in the sack and what didn’t is a must. Scientists and researchers do not just do, they evaluate and adjust accordingly. You need to do the same.

Don’t Half-Ass It

Half Ass Rule

Half-ass your work and you’ll get half ass results. If you want to have more fun then put the work in. What that requires is doing some on-the-go work. Yes, I’m talking about using dating apps while out and about. Checking in online and emailing girls daily.

Work On Weaknesses

Work on Weakness

Look, you can’t improve your skills in anything if you don’t work on them. If you’re shy, then work on opening up to new people quicker. If you lack skill in the bedroom or don’t know how to smooth talk via text, then work on that. Any weaknesses must be acknowledged and addressed accordingly. It’ll help you get lucky more, trust me.

Live Like A Boss

Like A Boss

Last but not least, it’s important that you live life to the fullest extent possible. Playing it safe is not any way to live. Sure, I’m not telling you to not use protection or to be and a**hole to someone you meet not willing to bang. However, you need to live every day as if your time on Earth is limited because it truly isn’t long enough.

I live and date by these rules on a daily basis. You’ll never catch me doing it any other way. Do the same and you’ll have better results, not to mention a better life.


Barrett Richards likes to consider himself a smooth operator in sunny South Beach. He parties like it's his last day on earth. He loves crushing martini's and isn't afraid to try some of the pharmaceuticals he sells if they need to run trials. Find out more about Barrett here.

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