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I’ve been using apps for a long, long, time. Seeing as though I’m an iPhone junkie, it only makes sense that I would have all the latest and greatest downloaded on my phone. I’m even using what I refer to as a sextexting app. Some people stick to the basics when it comes to dating. Not me, no sir, not at all. I like to try new things and find angles that give me a clear advantage today.

While others are using sites like and Plenty of Fish, I am going on first dates with local girls looking for a booty caller, that would be me! See most of the time people just look at their phone as a means of communicating professionally and personally with family. Rarely do they take into account the number of sex texts that they get and they almost never think to use an app to send these messages out. Well, there are plenty of reasons why I prefer to use this type of mobile application versus typical cellular service. I’ll do my best to tell you why…

Reasons I Use A Sextexting App

Reasons I Use A Sextexting App Today (On A Daily Basis)

Obviously, you know that if I use one then so does my brother from another mother, Tom Savage. I’m just going to come out and say that they definitely had some spark to our sex life on a regular basis. Here are the main reasons that we both use a sext app, which has been revealed below. Before you go scrolling to the bottom, for gosh sakes, have some respect and read the proven advice that I’m trying to share with you.

Sextexting apps have changed the way we date (for the better) and these are all the reasons why not only myself but everyone on the planet should think about using one.

They are here to stay and more are coming, so prepare for it.

Why I Use This Type of App Regularly

  1. It’s more secure. – Honestly, I can’t even imagine how embarrassing it would be to have someone find your phone and get a hold of text messages. Good news is that any professional sextexting app is 100% secure and almost undetectable. That means it’s hard as ever for someone to crack the code and get into your account. If that doesn’t help you sleep at night, not sure what will.
  2. Quick connection all the time. – For the most part, if you are using a mainstream dating site or even just your SMS on your phone, you have no idea whether or not someone on the other end is even properly connected. Most sext apps including free ones, have the ability to show that individuals you’re trying to connect to are actually online and available to chat.
  3. More discreet. – I like to communicate with girls in the most discreet manner possible and for good reason too! Let me give you an example, Tom and I connected a while back with some hot girls from Chicago. We even invited them to hang with us in SoBe for the weekend. You know, we wanted to wine and dine them at Prime 112 and other spots on the beach. Well, we certainly weren’t willing to put our personal health at jeopardy just for some new booty. What I mean is that we didn’t need some dude finding our cell numbers on their GFs smartphone. Using an app can help keep your info discreet AF.
  4. Immediate results. – I literally hate wasting time doing anything unproductive. Let me step back a second. I consider banging girls, hitting the club and downing martinis or popping bottles to be productive. That said, I hate wasting time with small talk bullshit with girls. I want to know that something is going to work out or I’m on to the next one. Using just the single best sextexting app alone can help you yield the results you want quicker than ever before.

The bottom line is quite simple. You’ll get a heck of a lot more opportunities to bang if you use one of these apps. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but I’d strongly suggest that you give at least one a try. A good place to start would be using this one.


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