Best Frozen Pizza for After Sex

Many people like to do something relaxing after sex.  Some smoke cigarettes, others read.

I like to eat pizza.  And I don’t like to wait for it.  So I make frozen pizza.  This also gives me a sense of accomplishing something, like I made a meal for whatever woman I just conquered in bed.  Sure, the older broads don’t always love a frozen pizza, but they are normally in a hurry to leave anyways.  I find that the older they are, the less they want to snuggle up.

The Best Pizza You Can Make at Home to Eat After Sexual Intercourse

So with my fetish of eating frozen pizza after sex, I’ve come to try and test a lot of frozen pizza brands.  Today I would like to share with you the good and bad experiences and reviews of the brands I’ve had the luxury (is frozen pizza a luxury?) of sampling.

Again, these are just the brands I’ve personally had (after sex) so don’t come in and blast me if there is a brand that you like that I haven’t tried.

Here is what I’ve tried and will be writing reviews on:

  • DiGiorno
  • Freschetta
  • Tony’s
  • Totino’s
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Tombstone
Best Frozen Pizza
DiGiorno’s Pizza is awesome!

While I compose my reviews, please stand by.  It’ll be worth the wait!

We talk about the best frozen pizzas to enjoy after seo! #pizza #sex #dating

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