The Best, Yet Simple Perks Of Dating Me

I hate to toot my own horn but today I’m in an extra positive mood and you’re going to have to deal with it. That said, there are many perks of dating me that I’d like to share with you. I typically hate talking about myself but for some reason after the past weekend that I had, I’m just into being me, myself, and I today so I’m gonna boast and roll with it as such.

By doing so, I’ve come up with a list of simple perks should any females decide to date me while they’re spending time in the 305 area.

perks of dating me

Five Simple Perks Of Dating Me

Here are five of the most basic perks that I can think of should you decide to date me. Again, I’m not trying to say that I’m better than everyone but I’ve got solid qualities that I should definitely brag about from time to time, such as today. So, here goes nothing…

I’ve Got Some Money

The first thing I want to say is that I’ve got a good job and some money in the bank. I’m not a broke joke like most of the bros trolling around South Beach. Soooo many guys spend all their money to impress women and when they finally catch them, they’re flat broke. Not me, I’m all about keeping my bank account fat and sharing those stacks with girls after I’ve connected with them.

I’m Not A Typical Sobe Con Artist

There are so many losers living in Miami Beach. Honestly, I can’t walk down the street without running into some crackhead or some con artists that’s screwed over someone over something. Good news for the ladies is that I don’t get involved in any of that nonsense. Reason being, I have no need to do so. Like I said, I have my own money. I can basically make it rain on South Beach all summer long if I want to. That’s a perk that’ll turn on just about any level headed girl looking for something casual.

I Am Super Laid Back

You’ve never met a more laid back guy in your lifetime. I’m so laid back that even girls on hookup sites think that I’m too relaxed. I’ve been told that by many. I don’t know, maybe it’s all the Xanax that I get that keeps me in chill mode. No clue my friend. The only thing I know is that I’m here to just chill and smash.

I Like To Party

Clubs, bars, beach bashes, pool parties, you know I’m down for it all. Girls that like to party in Miami Beach for the weekend are just my type. Since I like to party, the perk of dating me would be that you’re booze, drugs, and food would essentially be covered for the weekend by me.

I’m In Decent Shape

No, I don’t look like The Rock and Zac Efron in Baywatch but I’m ready to show off my guns this summer at a moments notice. That’s right, all that time in the gym has finally paid off and my physique has allowed me to have more energy to show you a good time. Not to mention, you might actually look even hotter to the public eye just by standing next to me.

Well, like I said, I really hate to toot my own horn but those are some of the main reasons why I think you should date me (if you’re a smoking hot and easy girl looking to smash). I’m guessing that many girls will read this and have no problem connecting online via this app or another. After all, if Beyonce approves then everyone else should as well!


Barrett Richards likes to consider himself a smooth operator in sunny South Beach. He parties like it's his last day on earth. He loves crushing martini's and isn't afraid to try some of the pharmaceuticals he sells if they need to run trials. Find out more about Barrett here.

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