Gym Exercises That Will Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re not exercising in the gym, then you’re not having the best sex life possible. As you probably already know, proper exercise will help improve your overall health as well as improve your body’s performance in multiple ways, including sex. What you may not have known is that there are certain exercises that directly affect your performance in the bedroom. Also, if you haven’t figured it out, this is one of the things that women want, I’m talking about great sex.

Go ahead and ask me…But why?

Well, it’s because of the muscles they target, they help you improve thrusting power and stamina. Keep your personal limitations in mind and don’t overdo it or you will injure yourself and not be able to have sex at all for a while. If you feel pain in your lower back, stop. During the exercises that require weights, start with a lower amount of weight first and gradually add to it. As you get stronger and your muscles strengthen enough to handle the added strain, then go for it.

better sex exercises

Here is a list of known gym exercises and how they will help improve your sex life. Once you master them you should find and join a dating site that works, but first, get to work in the gym!

Kettlebell Swing

Bend over with your legs bent to keep from straining your back and lift a kettlebell. Keep your feet apart far enough so the kettlebell can swing between your legs. Swing it from eye level, between your legs, and repeat. Careful not to lose your balance.

Why it’s good for sex – This one has multiple benefits because it strengthens your ass, hips, and back giving you more thrusting power, stamina, and overall strength.

Push Up Position Plank

Lie down in a plank position on your forearms with your feet lined up with your shoulders and your lower back flat on the floor. Press your body to a push-up position, lower yourself back down, and repeat.

Why it’s good for sex – It strengthens your core and gives you more thrusting power and improves your stamina.

Farmer’s Walk

This is one of the best gym exercises if you ask me. It definitely helps you have better sex, so do them! Take two dumbbells as heavy as you can lift safely from a standing position. Stand between them and bend your legs slightly. Lift them both, hold them at your sides, and walk as long as you can with your chest out and shoulders even. Repeat as many times as you can. Rest and do it again. Be careful not to overexert yourself.

Why it’s good for sex – It strengthens your forearms, gives you more strength and stamina, and helps improve your fingering technique.

The Glute Bridge

Lie on the ground on your back (place a loaded barbell over your legs if you want added resistance). Thrust your hips into the air as if you are humping the air and repeat as long as you can. If you start feeling pain in your lower back, stop immediately.

Why it’s good for sex – It strengthens your ass muscles and gives you more thrusting power in your hips.

Arnold Dumbbell Press

This is a variation of the shoulder press that is named after bodybuilder, turned actor, turned Governor, turned actor again; Arnold Schwarzenegger. Grab two dumbbells and bring them up to shoulder level with palms facing inward. Lift above your head and repeat.

Why it’s good for sex – It strengthens your arms and shoulders giving you more power for holding her up in several sexual positions.

Assuming you’re ready to get you butt in shape, then it’s time to get your lazy butt in the gym! One last thing, I suggest you start eating foods that boost test levels. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it all and do it right!

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