10 Things Women Want You to Do in Bed

It’s a sad reality that many men don’t make the proper effort to keep their women satisfied in the bedroom. You can easily stand out among the rest if you experiment with sex and find out what turns her on the most. Unless you are with a very liberal and open-minded girl, she’s not going to come out and tell you. It’s up to you to find out. Well, the list below should give you an idea. This is the 10 things that women want you to do to them when you have sex, even if they’re too embarrassed to tell you.

I couldn’t help but think of LL Cool J the whole time as I compiled this list.  This video is my absolute JAM.

This is yet another update in our series that focuses on positions for better sex, but today we talk about things that need to be done in order to spice things up before you get into the art of sexual positions. Look, you honestly don’t have to do what I tell you to do, but you’d be a fool not to do just that!

Ten Things to Turn on Your Partner in the Bedroom

  1. Start slow – Even if things get hot and heavy before, slow it down a bit when you get to the intercourse. It will help build on her arousal and make her orgasms stronger. Everything you do to her should start out nice and easy and get harder and more passionate.
  2. Tease them – Teasing her will drive up her arousal with anticipation. Pull at her panties as if you’re going to pull them down, then touch somewhere else. Feel her body pull toward you every time you move.
  3. Oral sex – This is something that every girl wants you to do to them. Stimulating her clitoris with your tongue will take her closer to orgasm with each stroke. As mentioned before; start slow, tease her, touch her. Gradually get faster, with more friction, and she will reach her peak arousal in no time.
  4. Pay attention to their needs – If you’re going too slow, she will let you know. If you’re going too fast, she will let you know. You must pay attention to her body language and reactions to what you’re doing. If you’re always paying attention, she will show you what feels the best.
  5. Different positions – Few women are going to be satisfied lying there taking it in the missionary position every time. You need to change it up to find out which of them bring her the most pleasure.
  6. Dominate them – This is not for all women, so you should be careful when trying domination. If she wants to be dominated, she will tell you with her body language. As with everything else in the bedroom, start slow and soft. This can entail hair pulling, spanking, rough sex. Even BDSM.
  7. Talk dirty – Women are aroused by what they hear as much as what they see. Tell her what you’re going to do to her and do it. Be as descriptive and naughty as possible depending on your sensibilities.  Talking with confidence is sexy.
  8. Moan – Most women become vocal when they are feeling sexual pleasure, but men often stay quiet. They probably want to be vocal but they train themselves to stay silent because it’s not manly. If you drop the macho hesitation and let yourself go, it will add to her arousal.
  9. Multiple orgasms – Every woman wants at least one orgasm in the bedroom, but they would much rather have multiple. The good news is; once you give her the first one, it takes less effort to give her the second orgasm and even less effort to give her the third.
  10. Cuddle – A woman’s sexual experience doesn’t end after the orgasm. The cuddling and basking in the glow of satisfying sex is all part of it for her. Don’t deny her of this crucial part of the process. She will show her appreciation with more sex.

Got that down pretty good? Any questions? Well, let me ask you one first…

Did I Stutter?

Good, then do as I say and don’t ask any stupid questions, please!


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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