Popular Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels

Guys, if you have low testosterone and you are dating girls, then you’ll want to do something about that as soon as possible. Let me first explain what “test” really is and why it matters. Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced mainly in the testes that regulate the development of the male secondary sex characteristics and reproductive system. It also regulates muscle mass and strength, bone mass and fat distribution and is even used as a drug to treat some mental disorders. Testosterone levels naturally drop in a man’s body as he ages which can cause erectile dysfunction (in which case you may need one of these), depression, and fatigue.

A high percentage of men over 30 have low testosterone, but you don’t have to panic just yet. There are many things that you can do to raise your testosterone levels. One of the methods that cost the least and takes the least effort is eating the right foods. Below you will find many of the major sources of increased testosterone production broken up into vegetables, fruits, foods that are high in protein and foods that are high in vitamin D.

Some foods that will boost testosterone levels

Foods That Successfully Boost Testosterone Levels

Here are the four categories of food that can and will boost your testosterone naturally. Find out what you should be eating and most importantly, why you should be eating it!


There are quite a few vegetables that boost testosterone. Asparagus has multiple elements that promote testosterone production like vitamin E, folic acid and potassium. Garlic does the trick by inhibiting cortisol, spinach helps with a source of magnesium, broccoli flushes excess estrogen out of your system and so does cabbage and cauliflower. Other vegetables that can do the same are beets, turnips, onions, and celery.


One of the best fruits that boost “test” are bananas. Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme which increases testosterone and they also contain other testosterone boosting elements like B6 and potassium. Pineapples have multiple elements as well like magnesium and zinc. Avocados are full of vitamins that are fat soluble and many of these vitamins significantly contribute to testosterone production. Other fruits that boost testosterone levels are oranges, pomegranates, papaya, grapes, and apples.

Foods High In Protein

One of the foods highest in protein is a chicken breast. If you eat a chicken breast without skin, most of the calories contained in it come purely from protein. Canned or dry beans are a good source of zinc. While egg yolks are higher in vitamin D; egg whites have a high concentration of protein as well as other testosterone boosting elements like cholesterol, saturated fat and omega-3s. Other foods high in protein are oysters, coconuts, wheat bran, almonds, oats, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, lean beef, lentils, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, swiss cheese and pork chops.

Foods High In Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium which has been linked to the increase of test levels. Tuna is not only high in Vitamin D; it’s high in protein, low calorie and good for your heart. If you don’t like tuna, other fatty fish, salmon, and mackerel are also high in Vitamin D. Other foods are beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, Tofu, Caviar, oysters, and cereals that have been fortified with Vitamin D.

Other foods that give your manly hormones a boost are macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, beef gelatin, parsley, ginger, extra virgin olive oil, argan oil, raw cacao products, grass fed beef jerky, coffee, baking soda, raisins, potatoes, Epic bars, real salt, and bleu cheese.

Now, what you need to realize is that eating these things simply isn’t enough. What you really need to do is hit the gym and get in some workouts as well. I’m almost positive that doing so will help you out in the long run. There’s a reason why physically active men are often those with the highest sex drive on this planet. Don’t be one of those guys that think it’s all about doing one thing to the extreme and that’s it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite and that needs to be well understood. Take the time to really understand whether or not you’re doing everything to help you stay fit, get girls, and be healthy. Start by eating everything I’ve mentioned about and using naughty dating sites to meet people. You can thank me later!


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