ULust Scam Revealed

You join, you search, you score. That’s the claim at Ulust.com, but is it the truth or a complete scam. Based on my personal insight and research, ULust is a hookup site that claims to be a network for singles who want an NSA online dating experience.

ulust scam

Personal Review – ULust Is A Total Scam, Here’s Why….

Guess what, I sniffed out a flaw on the first page where users create a free account. It’s a cookie-cutter type of site that is part of a network operated by one company who does not hesitate to take your money without offering real connections.

Sites like this are especially blatant. I’m glad I could write a review about it, so I could stop you from falling for their tired tactics that all sites like it use. Keep reading my detailed review of ULust and see what I found out in my investigation. The first and biggest clue of a fraud came on the very first page.

No matter how fast the registration process is on a hookup site, you should always read the fine print before signing in. This will save you a lot of time and this site shows you here that you don’t need to waste time on it. You enter your sex, username, password, e-mail, zip code, and age range.

Before you create your free profile, look in the fine print and you will see that they use Fantasy Cuties who contact you for entertainment purposes. This is a term that is well known in online dating and it is an obvious sign of a dishonest site. It’s a term used to describe fake profiles that the site creates and the computer automated messages that are sent from them. If they are admitting to it, there is nothing stopping them from filling the entire site with them. I didn’t see any evidence of anything but Fantasy Cuties.

I signed in and was not surprised at what I found. It’s a site that looks exactly like Milfaholic.com and MILFBBWs.com with the same layout, the same menu, the same features, and the same price. That’s because they are all owned by the same company and they all use the exact same tactics to pull you in and the exact same tactics to get you to pay their high membership costs.

A monthly VIP membership is $29.99 and comes with 10 tokens. A limited trial membership is available for 3 days at $2.99 per day and comes with 5 tokens. Membership is renewed at the full price at the end of the 3 days. They offer a 3-month package for $16.65 per month and comes with 15 tokens. The 6-month package is $11.65 per month and comes with 20 tokens.

I was also not surprised when I started receiving tons of messages from hot women. I didn’t even upload a photo yet and I had gorgeous women bugging me and wanting to talk to me. It is obvious that this is computer generated chat requests and they try to lure you into purchasing a membership and you will never hear from them again. It wasn’t just a couple of chat requests either. They come at you constantly, the entire time you are on the site.

The Quickie feature would be nice if it was a real site. It’s got feature similar to that of the Tinder app. You can browse through profiles that are supposed to be matched to your interests and click yes or no. From there you can feed them one-liners aka Tinder-like openers and hope to impress someone enough to wanna chat. Good luck with all that!

Don’t allow Ulust.com to insult your intelligence. They have the same layout of the other fraudulent dating sites on their network and they all admit to using Fantasy Cuties to make their site appear genuine. I checked it out for myself and there is nothing genuine about it. You would have to be pretty gullible to fall for any of the sites on this network. You can’t do anything on the site without paying and, when you pay, you don’t get any genuine connections for your money. Don’t waste your time.


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