I’ve been known to take a few “milfs” on dates here in Miami Beach.  Many of them love Prime 112 as well as other hot spots. It should come as no surprise that I use dating sites to meet these milfs. It’s one of the reasons why I tried

milfaholic reviews

One of the most sought after types of women in online dating is the traditional milf or cougar. An increasing number of young men are looking for a sexy older woman with experience to rock their world.

Is Milfaholic For You? Find Out Now!

Are you are the type of guy who is hooked on MILFs? Well, if so, the casual dating site claims to hook you up with horny and willing moms in your area. I came across this site long ago and I am familiar with this site. No, not because I have visited it before. I was actually redirected to it after I went through a questionnaire on a site called


This gave me the first clue that MILFaholic was not legit. There are multiple sites, that are all fake, that redirect you back to this one and it is not impressive.

The registration page has the exact same layout as many bogus sites I have seen before. It has the same 4 step sign in process where you give information like your sex and your desired username and password. I’m not sure why they think it’s a good idea to make a bunch of fake sites with the exact same look and layout and try to fool people and steal their money.

It seems to me that this is an obvious fraud, but people are apparently still being fooled or they wouldn’t exist. I hope this review will shed some light on exactly what’s going on and why this site is a waste of time and a waste of money.

Before you even get past the first step of registration, you will see one of the main things that make this a bogus site. Just above the “Next” button, you will see that you are agreeing to the use of Fantasy Cuties. This is one of the most worn out terms in the business and a blatant sign of a fraud.

They describe them as member profiles operated by independent contractors who are hired by the site. They admit to using these fake profiles to contact you and try to tell you that it’s for entertainment purposes. I hope you’re not gullible enough to fall for that. To avoid fraud investigation, they must admit that they create fake profiles, but a legit dating website does not need to do that.

You will not talk to a real MILF on this site unless she works for them and you must pay handsomely to find out for yourself. You cannot access messages, matchmaking, or advanced search, and you are limited to profile views unless you pay for a premium membership. They are offering a 3-day limited trial membership for $2.97 a day. This comes with only 10 profile views and messages per day. Monthly membership is $29.95. Silver membership is 3 months for $49.95. That equals $16.65 a month.

The most money can be saved by purchasing a Gold membership at the price of 6 months for $69.90. That equals $11.65 a month. You must be careful because all these charges are recurring and will be automatically withdrawn from your account at the end of the billing cycle unless you cancel.

If you pay attention to the address bar in your browser when you register, you will notice that you are redirected to another MILF dating site named You will see all your information, the same menu, the same everything, except for the name. This is just another site on their network and they might as well all be the same site.

Sites like are a fraud that you can recognize right away if you are experienced with online dating. They exist to feed on the beginners who don’t know any better. Please read reviews and customer testimonials and get information on a site’s reputation before you join. The reputation for this one is not very good, and I see why.


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