Tara Reid Nip Slip

The world was introduced to Tara Reid in the 90’s with her appearances in The Big Lebowski (as the trophy wife, Bunny, of the real Big Lebowski) and her turn as the hot blonde in high school in American Pie (where her boyfriend got access to an infamous sex book passed down to students that shows teenage boys what women really want when it comes to sex). Always oozing with sex appeal, we always want to see more of Tara.

But while she’s been known to some extent for her roles in these comedies, she may be even known for a mishap that occurred at P-Diddy’s 35th birthday bash back in 2004 where she gave all the photographers on the red carpet an eyeful. Yep, we’re talking about a nip slip. See the photo below of her “wardrobe malfunction”.

tara reid nipple exposed

I can’t get over this picture, it’s hilarious. The entire time she is absolutely oblivious to what is happening. No idea that her strap had fallen off her shoulder and left her beautiful boob hanging out for the world to see. And with all the photographers at such a star-studded event, you can be sure that it was captured for ALL the world to see.

Her tit was hanging out for a good seconds or so until an assistant noticed the gaffe, which is an eternity when it comes the paparazzi, and came to her aid and pulled her strap back up over her shoulder and covered up her luscious melon. It is speculated that perhaps she had lost some sensitivity in her nipple due to breast surgery, and this may have led to her not noticing the brisk air that was hitting her now exposed skin. Either way, whatever the reason she didn’t notice, we’re happy we got to witness her boob in all it’s naked glory!

You can see video of the incident below – enjoy! We love how her huge smile turns to embarrassment then turns to anger as she realizes that none of the photographers were at all interested in telling her that her boob is out. She angrily rushes off the red carpet and escapes into the party. She looks like she may want to take a getaway vacation and disappear from the public eye for a little while!

If her acting career doesn’t work out (and what was the last thing you remember her in? It’s been quite a while), maybe she has a career as a stripper in her future. She’s got the face for it and obviously has the boobs, and we’ve already seen it so why not show more? What do you think her stripper name would be? Maybe she reprises her moniker of Bunny Lebowski and makes some kind of pun off of that. In any case, we’re happy to have seen this and hope it’s not the last time that we are exposed to some unexpected nudity from some of the better looking stars in Hollywood, like a Jennifer Love Hewitt nip slip!


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