Is Sex Before A Workout Good or Really Bad For You?

I’ll just throw it out there for now. I’m a huge workout junkie. I also love hooking up with new women that I meet at the gym. Nothing turns me on more than an athletic woman in shape.

Heck, Barret and I have even been known to hit the gym just to gawk at the girls hanging out there. Sometimes we even chat with them. No to mention it’s a splendid place to find someone to date casually.

pre workout sex

The question of the day is whether or not having sex before your workout is truly a bad thing to do.

As you probably know already, there is a connection between your libido and your testosterone levels. They’re closely related and for those that aren’t familiar with just how important test levels are, it’s pretty much the most important chemical when it comes to both sex and building muscle.

Chances are if you’re really into staying fit, then you’re already consuming foods that can boost these levels. If you are not doing that, then start there!

Back to the topic at hand…

So, does whacking your carrot or banging pre-workout make your efforts less productive in the gym?

I’m sure you’re wondering how the heck this hypothesis even came about. It’s quite simple really. Testosterone levels are super important in building more muscle but man believes that having sex prior to a gym sweat session might hinder your gains.

Some people think that having sex before working out can hurt but what I’m about to share with you just might shock you!

whack your carrot

Does “Doing It” Really Hurt or Help You?

Based on some research that was done by a professional athlete (name to remain anonymous), we now know that sex can actually help increase your testosterone levels!

Athletic performance and gym strength may actually improve if you bang more given that it actually helps improve your testosterone levels.

If you’re getting yourself off before your workout, then continue to do so. If you’re getting lucky in the gym, perhaps in the steam room with some smoking hot girl you met repping it out, then even better!

Do you want to look like this couple below? Sure you do! So get to work both in the bedroom, then in the weight room!

have sex before your workout!

Now if you’re going to the gym and not busting out your trusty Fling phone app, then you’re doing an injustice to yourself and the single people around you. Always put your muscle gains and sex life before anything else. After all, what else is there to live for really!

If you want somebody else’s opinion on the subject, then watch the video below and learn what she has┬áto say about whacking off before pumping iron!


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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