How To Pick Up Local Strippers And Hook Up Within A Week

Don’t make any assumptions based on the title of this blog post. Nope, Tom and I don’t need to hit strip clubs in search for booty. Although we live just minutes away from Tootsie’s Cabaret, we don’t really hit it that much. Now for those that choose to hit these establishments, I want to tell you how you can easily hook up with a local stripper.

Keep in mind that I’m not referring to paying hard cold cash to get down with them. That’s typically a relatively easy task assuming you have some game. Instead, I’m going to tell you how you can sleep with a stripper for free. Pay close attention… One other thing I should mention, this is just advice on hooking up with them. You’re not going to find a girlfriend at the local strip club.

how to pick up local strippers

Guide To Picking Up Local Strippers In Your Area

Sure, you want to at a minimum take a stripper out on a date with the main objective of sleeping with them. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered right here. Everything you need to know about sealing the deal with a stripper is located below. Take this advice to heart and you’ll go places with them, one of which is your bedroom.

Don’t Buy A Dance

I know it sounds completely opposite to what you should do but trust me, paying for a dance is the wrong way to do it. This is the number one rule. The second you start paying for dances, you’re just another joey wasting their money. If you want a dance, then ask your friend on the side to pay for it, but never open your wallet up at this stage.

Please note, it’s also a huge no-no for you to make it rain while she’s on the pole. Again, you’ll look like a typical cash wasting schmuck.

strip club cash rain

Don’t Stare or Act Creepy

Strippers can pick out creepy guys because it’s their job to do so. Stare downs mean one thing to these women, CASH MONEY. You don’t want to give off that vibe. Instead, playing the not interested role will get more girls to notice you.

creepy guy staring

Know How The Club Functions

You must understand how the club works if you want to score a stripper babe. Understand who the manager is and how he operates. It’s also important that you become friendly with the staff on duty. One thing you must understand is the no girl is going to go home with a jerk, so be nice to everyone.

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