This Crazy Couple Banged In A Domino’s Pizza Shop

I’m all for Domino’s pizza. In fact, even though I take very good care of my body in terms of exercise and diet, I love me some Domino’s pepperoni pizza! While I spend most of my time-consuming foods that help make me stronger and leaner, I think I’d trade a meal for this any day. Apparently, one English couple loves this pizza franchise more than me. In fact, they like it enough to wanna bang in the pizza shop. Swear on my life that this is true so keep reading this crazy story…

Domino's Pizza Sex

Smoking Hot Girl Gets Banged In Domino’s

Apparently, a woman named Daniella Hirst is a lover of both pizza and having sex in public. She’s a 28-year-old babe that’s got some wild chest tattoos and looks the part of the act. Sorry, no disrespect, I’d love to smash while crushing a slice of pizza myself.

Daniella and her male friend were both caught on video in a local Domino’s Pizza in England. They typically film every customer but soon noticed that this hot girl strangely had dropped her pants. I believe it’s because she ordered extra sausage at the counter.

The man caught on video is named Craig Smith. He’s 31 years old and apparently they were out celebrating his birthday. My guess is that he ordered a “fur burger.”

fur burger

Authorities investigated the couple due to public indecency. I’d like to add that this girl likely could care less what people think of her. I’m willing to guess that this is a birthday that Craig will never forget.

Sex in Domino's Pizza

Daniella got some extra inches while waiting for her 12-inch pie. She’s a typical thrill seeker that loves public sex. She’s actually banged on a bus, in a swimming pool, a van, and a few other places.

There’s no doubt about it, she’s a meat lover fan through and through! I’ve got a picture of her below to show just how smoking hot she really is. Tell me you wouldn’t take that to pound town at the pizza counter? If you say no, then there’s a chance that you might be on the “other team” or we’re suspect about you just like many are suspect about this famous actor.

Now, please note that we’re not suggesting that you go out and attempt to bang at every pizza parlor or fast food joint possible. In fact, that’d be really foolish of you to do. If you’re gonna do it just be smart about it and try not to get caught, lol.

Why? Because it just might mean prison time if you’re not careful!

Special thanks to Lad Bible for sending this story to us. We love hot girls on the wild side like Daniella. If only the world had more girls like her, it would be a much better place!


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