How to Make a Woman Squirt

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Every guy should strive to give every girl they have sex with an orgasm. Too many guys are selfish lovers and only think about their own pleasure while others know the importance of giving their partner the same pleasure and release as they get. Some guys strive for even more. There is an orgasm that is a level above others and causes girls to have the most earth shattering and deeply satisfying pleasure of their lives. That level can be achieved through something called squirting. In case you didn’t know; this is an especially intense type of female orgasm that involves the release of a rush of female bodily fluids that makes a mess, but is well worth the time it takes to clean up.

women squirt

What Exactly is Squirting?

Before you decide to make her squirt, you should know what it is. Don’t let conflicting reports fool you. The fluid that is released during squirting is mostly urine. It is mixed with female ejaculate fluid which may make it seem like it has a different consistency than urine, but it is still mostly urine. With the right stimulation; a certain set of muscles are stimulated and the urine is released from the bladder. It is mixed with female ejaculatory fluid as it passes through the urethra giving it the thicker consistency. Knowing this is urine should not stop you from making her squirt though. The sudden rush of liquid through the urethra during sexual stimulation gives an added intensity and sensitivity to the area and gives the girl the feeling of a complete release that she may not have felt before.

How to Make a Woman Squirt

Now that you know what it is, let’s look at how to do it. In order to get her to reach the level of squirting, you must stimulate the elusive G-spot. Before you stimulate it, you must first locate it and that will be half the battle. It is located near the top of the vaginal opening, about an inch or two inside, just above the clitoris, near her pelvic bone. To reach it, you must insert your finger with your palm facing up. Start with one finger at first, until she becomes wet, then slip in a second finger slowly. Feel around for the G-spot and curl your middle and index finger toward you. When you begin to stimulate it, you will feel it begin to swell.

The next stage is tricky and you must be careful not to hurt her. You have located the G-spot and it is starting to swell as you stimulate it. Get in a position where you can easily move your arm straight up and down with your fingers inside her, on her G-spot. Slowly move your hand up and down in a jackhammer type motion. Be sure to increase speed slowly and don’t overstimulate her. You should be paying attention to her and increasing speed along with the increase of her arousal. Keep going faster and harder based on what she can handle. You will feel the G-spot swell further and she will begin to lose control. Suddenly, there will be an explosion. Her body will writhe uncontrollably and she will probably moan louder than you have ever heard her before. Wait until the fluid starts gushing out and pull out your finger after some of the fluid has squirted out around it. You’ll have a mess to clean up afterwards, but you will have a deeply satisfied woman after you give her the deepest and most intense orgasm she has ever experienced.

I’ll be honest here, I can’t stand squirters.  There is way too much clean up involved, and it can flat out ruin any clothing that is in the area.  So I’m all set on this type of sexual activity.

As always, I found a video on YouTube with some further instructions and information:


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