First Date Ideas

So you’ve been chatting with a woman online and you manned up and asked her out on a date and she said yes. Good for you! Now what?

There a couple goals on a first date. The first is to get to know each other and the other is to try to get a second date (for fun second date ideas, click here). A first date should be a few things. It should be casual so there’s no presure to impress with a fancy dinner and a nice three piece suit (and similarly she doesn’t have to break out that little red dress just yet). While it should be casual, there should be some thought put into it and not look like it was put together last minute. It also should provide the opportunity to get to know one another, so skip the movies where you don’t get to talk to each other. Here’s a few ideas to have a great time and set up that second meeting.

fun first date ideas

Fun First Date Ideas

The most common first date is drinks at a bar, and while it’s cliche it still is a good idea. It provides a great atmosphere where you can relax and get to know each other. You can take her to your favorite bar, or similarly ask her to show you her favorite place. You can get to know her style a little bit by seeing what she orders, and she can see the same of you. Also, a good thing about meeting for drinks is that there is no obligation to be there a long time like there would be if you got dinner. If either of you are not feeling it, you can escape after that first drink.

A similar date to getting drinks at a bar is to meet her for coffee. Pretty much the same philosophy applies to this as to the above idea, but in an even less pressured situation. And you can show her that you don’t require alcohol to loosen up. Coffee shows a little more sophistication than taking her to a bar and she may be the type that likes that kind of thing instead.

For something a little more active, but not really working up a sweat, you can take her bowling. This is a great way to loosen up, have some friendly competition and flirtation, and just generally have a low pressure situation where you can be yourselves.

Another thing you can do, and you’ll have to check your local events if it’s possible, is go to a carnival. This is similar to the bowling idea where you guys can have fun instead of having an interview over drinks. And if there’s some plush toy she has her eye on, maybe you can impress her with your ring toss skills (or spend a fortune trying).

These are all great ways to get to know one another a little bit better, break the ice and see if a second meeting is in your future.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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