What is Flirting?

It is tough to understand women sometimes. Dating can be so confusing. Does she like you or does she want to get away as fast as possible and spend her time with someone else?

The biggest thing to overcome this confusion is to figure out if she is flirting with you or not. While girls may not always be straightforward with their flirting like guys tend to be, there are a number of signs she can give you to let you know that she’s into you.

What exactly is flirting?

Signs a Girl is Flirting With You

Her Voice

The first thing you should look for, rather you should listen to, is her voice. If a girl is flirting with you her voice tends to speed up and get higher. When you’re out with a group, listen to how she speaks to other guys as opposed to how she speaks when talking to her friends. She’ll probably be more mellow and low with her friends. But if there’s a guy she’s interested in, she’ll talk quicker and more excitedly. It’s a subconscious thing, so keep your ears open when she’s talking to you.

Her Touch

Is she keeping her distance from you or is there contact? Not all touches are flirtatious, however. Not all touching is created equal. A pat on the back might indicate you’re being seen as just a buddy. But if the touch is more romantic, such as a hand on your shoulder or her arm around you while you’re walking together, or holding hands, or placing her hand on your arm while in the midst of conversation, those are definitely signs of the good kind of touching. Ask yourself what kind of touch she’s giving you and if it’s more of a friendly touch or something more. Of course, frequent touch promotes intimacy, and lack of intimacy is a big reason why relationships fail, so don’t be afraid of some physical contact!

Her Eyes

Is she always looking elsewhere, planning her escape, or is she locked in deep eye contact with you? Holding prolonged eye contact is quite an intimate action and one of the biggest signs of flirting that is often overlooked. We naturally hold eye contact longer with people that we are interested in, subconsciously, so keep your eyes on her eyes and she if she is returning your gaze. And of course, you can use this same eye contact to get her to like you, too!

Her Body Language

If she’s sitting next to you, take a look at the way she has her legs and feet pointed. Which direction are her feet pointing? If they are towards you, she is probably interested in you. As mentioned with other signs above, this is a subconscious thing, but we tend to point our feet in the direction of what we want or what we are focused on. Seeing her she sits with you can be a big indicator of where her interest lies.

There are many more signs of a girl flirting, but these are some of the most obvious and telling ones. Next time you’re out with a girl and wonder if she’s returning your interest, take a look at these social cues and you should have a better idea of where her feelings lie.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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