Does Cycling Really Cook Your Balls and Sperm Count?

Tom and I decided to switch things up a bit today. Instead of hitting one of the typical circuit training gyms in sunny South Florida, we opted to strap on our shoes and hit one of the local cycling gyms. On our way back, we started having a conversation about cycling and male fertility. I know, weird topic, but whatever. Trust me, we’ve had far stranger conversations in the past, I can’t even begin to tell you.

We got to talking and were both wondering whether or not cycling destroyed a bros sperm count. Now, if you’re looking to just have a bunch of flings like us and never settled down, then none of this stuff really matters. However, we still proceeded with the research. The question of the day is just that. Can cycling too frequently cook your gonads and lower your sperm count? We were curious and we did some research ourselves to save you time and spare the trouble.

cycling sperm count issues
No…this isn’t Tom or me, we’re in slightly better shape.

It All Started With Horseback Riding

You know, men have been fighting the battle of the balls for quite some time now. Studies of men’s reproductive system go all the way back to the time of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek doctor who dedicated his life to medicine. One thing that he determined during one of his studies was that men partaking in horseback riding more often than others were not fit “for intercourse.” Now, I don’t think he went as far as testing bros sperm but nevertheless, the study goes way the hell back!

He basically determined the saddles and balls were not a good fit.

Coincidence? I think not!

What Exactly Is It That Makes Cycling Bad For Your Balls?

There are a few things that might make this really bad for your gonads and in fact destroy your sperm count completely. I’ll do my best to cover every “potential” here to help paint a better picture as to why you should cut back on the bike riding.

Cycling Gear Is Tight AF

If you’re rocking your speedo while peddling to the 80s, oldies, Biggie Smalls, or whatever you fancy, then you’re putting yourself at risk. Tight clothes make you faster and definitely agiler, but they also heat up the sac carrying your precious cargo below your Johnson. Those higher temperatures can cause issues and have negative effects on you spermatogenesis. Basically, your sperm count can take a nose dive if you’re sporting tight spandex shorts during your ride.

The Bike Itself

The bikes in cycling bars are pretty boss and professional grade for the most part. Well, those bicycles are shaped similar to saddles. They are known to put a lot of stress on your balls and can often strain your junk region. Hard cycling seats aren’t good for your sperm count. If you’re going to make this a regular occasion, then I suggest picking up an additional cushion to place on top of the traditional bike seat.

Longer The Ride, The Lower The Sperm

Some people that are super competitive, bike for hours. They’ll go on four-hour cycling marathons and bike 50 miles. The longer that you are cycling, the longer your scrotal temperature remains high. As a result, this can put extra stress on your sperm count. If you’re biking more than five times per week, then chances are your sperm count will be lower than those not doing so.

So, What Should You Do?

Well, I’m no doctor, but in my personal opinion, it’s quite possible that cycling may have a negative impact on your sperm count. Now, that being said, the best thing for you to do is to get a seat that reduces the amount of stress on your gonads and do it less frequently.

An article published in the NY Times, recommends that cyclists look into using the BiSaddle which puts less stress on your testicles and “Johnson.”

I’d also like to suggest that you get a bike cushion to bring to any classes with you or simply upgrade your seat if you’re an “on the road” type guy.

Well, we worked up and appetite today so I think that calls for a tall order of drinks on Ocean Drive with the rest of the Urban Beach Weekend crew. After all, it’s a holiday and a perfect day to get blasted and meet someone new to hook up with. We really deserve it. So do our surviving soldiers, if you know what I mean.

Science mofo! It is what it is!

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