ClickandFlirt Review

It’s a good thing I came across ClickandFlirt or I would have never learned what I did. Both myself and Tom have unfortunately come across many “flirting” dating sites that have been a huge waste of time. Sites like Flirtlocal and FlirtHookup have been huge time wasters. Enough about those sites though, let me fill you in on the Clickandflirt site. It’s a flirting and casual sex dating site and all I needed to show me that the service was not legitimate was to see what network they are a part of.

Clickandflirt dating site review

My Clickandflirt Review Reveals Everything

The first thing that I want you to know is that my review tells it all. I’m holding nothing back because I’m sick and tired of people coming to me and complaining about getting scammed on so many terrible dating sites out there. I’ve been known to meet all types of people online from milfs to college girls. I then, of course, bang them after meeting for some partying fun on South Beach. Here’s everything that I know about it.

The Click And Flirt Page

It says on the front page that they are part of the Together Network’s list of sites. I know it’s not a legit network because I have reviewed some of their other sites like,, and and determined that they were frauds. I continued to register because I didn’t want to assume that it was a fraud like all the others until I checked it out thoroughly.

The blue-eyed beauty on the front page is cute and inviting and there’s a sign that says that women message men for free. This would normally be a good incentive to sign up, but they do the exact same thing on all the other sites on the network. To join, you enter your sex, age, e-mail, password, and zip code. Just like all the other sites, an activation code is sent to your e-mail.

When you enter it, you are given the opportunity to fill out your profile. You must choose a screen name, enter your status, and indicate who you are looking for, their age range, and location. I got inside and literally, everything was the same as it is on all the other Together Networks sites.

The Upgrade Offer

The site admin sends you a message prompting you to get a discount on full membership. The same image at the top tells you to upgrade now and says that you must have a membership to view profiles, view big photos, use the advanced search, and communicate with other users. Just like all the other sites, I start getting messages and chat requests right away.

Search Function

The search engine is really the most impressive thing about the site. The quick search allows you to sort by gender, age range, and location. You can click on “more” and it opens a long list of criteria like ethnicity, eye color, income, body type, education, and more. Too bad these sites are fake or this would be a useful search engine.

The Cost

I’m so familiar with this lame network of bogus sites that I can almost recite their membership options without looking. Like all the others, they mark their membership packages at how much they cost per day to give the illusion that it’s cheaper than it is. They say a 3-day trial membership is 99 cents a day, but it’s actually $2.97. The site also states that the monthly discount price is 91 cents a day, but it is actually $27.30 a month.

They say the 3-month package is 51 cents a day, but that will cost you $45.90. They say the 6-month package is 41 cents a day, but you pay $73.80. You must be careful with all these packages because all the charges are recurring and will come out of your account, without warning, at the end of the billing cycle until you cancel.

The Terms Tell All

The only thing different about Click&Flirt than the other sites on the network is that they admit to deceiving you in a different section of their terms and conditions. I usually find this info at the bottom of the page but this site had it at the top. This admission of deception mentions Staff Profiles.

These are profiles created maintained, and managed by employees of the site. They say they do it to ensure that the services are operating properly, but don’t let that fool you. A legit dating site does not need to send you fake messages and create fake profiles to test their site.


I’m going to go ahead and tell you that Clickandflirt along with the rest of the sites that are part of the Together Networks are no good. Having said that, you should do your best to avoid them completely. The one thing that I can promise is that you will not be flirting with any real girl. Instead, you will be chatting with staff members and paid employees. A colossal waste of time that you cannot begin to understand. Stay away unless you want to waste your time and hard earned money. You’re better off heading to the donut shop and spending money on some tasty treats versus join this awful dating site.


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