How To Use National Donut Day To Hookup More

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because you need to take action on this first thing this morning! I rather have you doing versus reading, so I’m only sharing what’s necessary here. Okay, so even Tom and I slip when it comes to our diets. We save the slips for days like National Donut Day!

I’m going to give you some specific steps on how this day can literally help you meet more people to hook up with.

National Donut Day
Salty Donut in Wynwood (Miami, FL)

Tips To Getting Lucky On National Donut Day

For starters, you must realize that just about everyone and their mother loves devouring a donut. You know what else they love? Getting something for free!

The specific steps I’m suggesting you take today are the same that I did last year and I’m planning on doing the same today.

So, one thing you need to understand is that people will wait in line for free food. No, it doesn’t make them cheap or fat, it just means they desire something and choose to partake in the freebie fun. That said, they’re going to be spending a lot of time waiting in line and browsing the web, dating networks, and many other social apps while waiting.

You’ll want to capitalize on all that waiting, here’s how…

First off, you need to know where you can get free donuts today. The staple donut shops are all participating in this today so you know hitting a Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, Cumberland Farms, Tim Hortons, or even a LaMar’s Donuts is a great idea today.

If you’re living in Miami, then I suggest heading on over to the Salty Donut because it’s the best in Miami, no questions asked. They’ll be people craving these delicious treats all day, so that place will be jam packed no doubt.

The second thing (super important) you’ll want to do is grab a cup of coffee and your free donut. You’ll need to fuel your body for the forthcoming work to be put in today. Grab yourself a seat at whatever local shop you choose to hang out.

Now, you’ll want to log into as many dating apps that you’re currently a member of and make sure your status is showing up as being “online now.”

Start searching from within the donut shop location and search for someone within 100 feet from you. Once you identify that a member of the network is in the donut shop, you’ll want to act fast and send them a wink or a like. Doing this will identify a commonality between you and the other individual. Actually, I should say it’ll create a second commonality because you’re both looking for free donuts and to hook up.

Message them while dunking your donut in your coffee. Wait for a reply and when you get it, kick the conversation off with a catchy one-liner or two. Once you’ve got a convo going with that person, ask if they want to grab a drink or two tonight. If they say yes, then you’re in there like swimwear!

girls love donuts

Now, if you do all that with no luck whatsoever, then head to another donut shop. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You get some more free donuts and have a sugar-gasm? EXACTLY!


Barrett Richards likes to consider himself a smooth operator in sunny South Beach. He parties like it's his last day on earth. He loves crushing martini's and isn't afraid to try some of the pharmaceuticals he sells if they need to run trials. Find out more about Barrett here.

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