Review is a dime a dozen hookup site that is not very good at disguising that it is not a real dating site where you can hope to have a genuine experience with a real woman. This isn’t even one of the good fake sites. The whole thing comes off as amateur and they make a really bad attempt at fooling you into paying for their service but they do not offer any real dating opportunities. I have been using online dating sites for a while and I have learned how to spot a dishonest site and this one has many of the common tactics that I have seen. Check out my detailed review below and I will tell you how I came to this determination. Seems Like a Scam Website

The main page is about as simple as a website template gets. There is a collage of pictures of sexy women and a social media type news feed that tells you about various members who have uploaded a new picture or changed their profile picture. The box to sign in says that you can join and flirt and it’s 100% free. I was suspicious right away because most dating sites that say they are free but they just use that word to lure you in and they charge you before you can use all the site’s features. It says that there are over 1 ½ million members, but I seriously doubted that judging by the generic layout.

The flirt Local home PageThe first thing that confirmed my suspicions about this site was in the paragraph above the Get Started button on the first page. You must click to accept this before you sign in. It states that you agree to receive account updates and communications from computer generated profiles. Any site that generates fake profiles cannot be trusted. Every dating site out there has a few fake profiles here or there, but the legit sites don’t create them themselves. This is just a way for them to fool you into thinking that they have a high number of attractive members.

During the sign-up process, you can upload a photo and write a short description of yourself. Once you finish signing up, you see that you are in the news feed. I didn’t really like the social media layout and I feel that they take the concept a bit far. There is no gallery of hot women to choose from. You must click on Find Women at the top to get to the gallery. There are not that many search options. All you can do is sort the profiles by location, age, and whether they have photos. There were quite a few cute girls and I clicked on one that I liked. The moment I tried to message her, I found out that the site is not 100% like it claims to be. There is a rather expensive monthly charge that you must pay to interact with members.

There are three plans available to become a premium member. The standard monthly membership price is $29.95. A 3-month membership can be purchased for $59.95, which comes out to $19.98 a month. A 6-month membership is available for $99.95, which comes out to $16.66 a month. Even if you choose one of the plans that saves money, the price is a lot to commit to a site that doesn’t give you any real incentive to join. All they give you is a bunch of profiles of hot girls and you never know which one is real. I made an effort to meet a girl and never ended up talking to a real person. Most or all the profiles on the site seem to be computer generated and that is possible since they admit to creating them.

Oh well, we tried.  Visit this link to see the list of recommended sites.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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