Finding the Best Dating Spots for a First Date

So, you seduced a woman with your fine lyrics and now got yourself a date!  Good job, tiger!

Now you have to choose just the right place to take them.

Places to Bring a Date
“We’ll have your finest Malbec, please.”

Choosing the right place is very important to a blossoming relationship, but it can also be crucial for keeping a long relationship fun and fresh. No matter where you are in your relationship; you can always benefit from a good dating spot. I’m not talking about the obvious ones like dinner and a movie, long walks on the beach, bars or clubs, concerts, or your local trendy shopping districts.

These dating staples are effective, but they don’t show imagination or adventure. Here are some dating spots that will show that you are worthy of many more dates to come.

The Top Places to Take a Date

I’ll be frank here, some of these aren’t even options for me given that I live in Miami.  My Miami dating guide is posted, so if you live in the 305 or are visiting, please reference it.

  • Ride the Train or Subway: Get out your local train or subway schedule and look for some romantic destinations within walking distance of any of the stops. This is something different that they may not expect and there should be tons of choices for destinations. Plus, you can talk a lot and connect during your ride. This can open up all kinds of fun and romantic possibilities.
  • Bowling: A little friendly competition can really liven things up on your date and bowling is one of the most fun competitions that a couple can engage in. The physical activity is stimulating for both of you and you can loosen up with some alcohol or sing some Karaoke. Bowling is a sport that is physical, but it’s not that strenuous.
  • Theme Bars: Bars are a good place to find a date and can also be a good place to take one. Theme bars present a more original choice than just a normal bar. Some bars have board games that patrons can play, others have a theme like jungle or Tiki. One of my personal favorite theme bars are speak-easy’s that are set up like a bar from the 20’s with vintage décor, music and the need for a password to get in.
  • Go for a Bike Ride: This is another physical activity that is not too strenuous, but can be a lot of stimulating fun for both of you. If you don’t have bikes, many cities have spots where you can rent a set of bikes and keep them for a few hours. This is especially a fun activity in beach cities.
  • Drive-in Theatre or Outdoor Screening: Drive-ins are quickly disappearing in favor of high tech digital movie theaters, but there are many outdoor screenings of classic movies where a large screen is set up in a cool location or movies are projected on the side of a building.

If none of these dating ideas interest you or you have already tried them all, you can try some other great and equally effective dating spots like museums, comedy clubs, night clubs, arcades, or a trendy bookstore. A little imagination and thinking out of the box can put you in a very good place to impress your date and have fun in the meantime.

I’m not one to take a first date for food – there are too many things that can go wrong. I save that for a follow up date.  And when I know I’m going to score, I make sure to eat foods that boost my testosterone levels.  Yep, I’m a sicko.

Where do I find dates?

That’s basically the theme of our website. I to to find horny women here.

However, if I’m in the mood for a woman who ages like fine wine, I use this site.



Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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