3 Reasons Most Relationships Fail

An unfortunate fact of life is that marriages in the United States of America are going to fail at least half the time. And when broken down to relationships in general, I’d say it’s a safe bet that the 50% failure rate is going to get bumped up even higher when couples aren’t actually committed to one another in the eyes of God and/or the law.

What should couples do to help prevent their relationships from failing?

Well, you’ll be able to figure that out in reverse with the information that we are going to share with you today. We do not plan to tell you how to make your relationship work, because every situation is different. We are going to tell you how most relationships fail, and you can use this information as a guidepost to navigate your current relationship.

Are you ready to learn the truth about why most relationships fail? Let’s take a trip down this difficult and often rocky road.

3 Reasons Why Relationships Have a Tendency to Fail

Right now, we are going to share three reasons why we know relationships often fail. This is by no means a comprehensive list, although it will provide powerful information nonetheless. Our top three reasons for relationship failures include the following:

  • You rely on your partner to make you happy – this is a sad and unfortunate situation because everyone needs to learn that happiness comes from within. You can never rely on somebody to make you happy, because people have a tendency to disappoint us more often than not without it actually being their goal. So, never rely on your partner to make you happy. This is a foolish way to think at best, and it’s ultimately going to make you more miserable over the long run at worst.
  • You never stand up for yourself – many people have a tendency to push their own desires to the wayside in order to make somebody else happy, and this is especially true when you’re in a relationship. People like to make sacrifices in a relationship, but if you ultimately do this too often, you are ignoring your own wants, needs, and desires, and you’re going to feel terrible because the sacrifices will eventually take a huge toll on your life. One day seemingly out of nowhere you may wake up, feel extremely upset, and then snap at your partner or maybe even break up with them. So please stand up for yourself and make compromises in your relationship instead of sacrificing all the time.

This made me think of Bob Marley and “Get up, Stand up.”

  • You are too dominating/dominated – some relationships are founded on one partner being more dominating than the other. While some people really thrive in this environment, it is often a negative situation when somebody feels that they are sacrificing way too much for their domineering partner. Relationships should be built upon love and trust. If your partner is keeping you in the relationship out of fear, it’s going to have a negative impact that will cause the relationship to fall apart in the end.

It may seem obvious now, but these three scenarios are reasons why relationships have a tendency to fail more often than not. If you can relate to any of the situations mentioned above, take the necessary steps to make your partner aware of the problems and work together to fix them as a couple if at all possible.

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Off to go start another relationship that will end in a dead end.  (Gulp.)


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