I Can’t Believe Bumble Opened A Physical Location

As you know, dating apps are all the rage and companies are pumping loads of money into their services. It seems as though Bumble has taken things to the next level and they’re moving back into the traditional dating space.

The invention of Tinder changed everything and this is definitely a something completely different from what we’re used to seeing.

Not familiar with how the Bumble app works, it’s quite simple. Here’s how things work with this app. You’ve got both men and women using the app. However, women must initiate the conversation and the connection. The men are basically supposed to wait for one of the women to hit them up. I hate waiting so I typically do not use this app, but some guys swear by it.

Bumble Dating Hive
Credit: Bumble app

The physical location does have a purpose and the company behind the Bumble app is definitely trying to make money by doing this. Basically, it’s a meet-up location for daters to meet eligible hookups in a neutral location. The place is better known as The Hive and it’s located in New York City at 158 Mercer St. The hours are a bit restricted but it’s better than nothing I guess.

There’s a coffee bar as well as a liquor bar for those that want to get blasted during their Bumble date. At this point, this is only a temporary thing and it’s scheduled to last only through June 25th. It’s definitely generating buzz and it’s going to make the app more popular in terms of users. However, will it actually get you laid?

I’m not so sure of that…

If I had my choice, I’d just use what I know works in terms of dating apps and hang within a couple yards of the place. Chances are you can meet one or two ladies willing to smash just by handing out here. Heck, I’ll take a stab at it for sure if I’m ever in the NYC area this month.

Bumble The Hive dating bar


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