Local Girls Wearing Chicago Cubs Gear Game 7 World Series

Barret and I absolutely love sports. It should go without saying that we both watched Game 7 of the world series last night. Shout out to all the Cubs fans out there! Your drought is officially over. In honor of the windy city’s win, I thought it was only appropriate for me showcase some local Chicago girls wearing Cubs gear. I should also mention that we would be down to bang these girls if any of them wanted to prolong the celebration and take a trip to South Beach to do so. You can find us on some of the best casual dating sites on the Internet. Seriously, we use them, but don’t try and find us. If you’re a hot Cubs fan and you wanna party with us in SoBe this weekend, just shoot me a message and we’ll party.

Local Girls Wearing Chicago Cubs Gear That We Are DTF

Here’s a rundown of some of the hottest girls parading around in Chicago Cubs gear celebrating the big win. Congrats again to the 2016 World Series Champions. Now, on to the important stuff, the hot local girls!

Girl #1 local chicago cubs girls world series 1
Jeannette Cherie Link

I cannot tell a lie, Jeannette looks pretty amazing in that Cubbies hat. I’m sure you’ll gladly agree with me. If not, you need to get your eyes checked.

hottest cubs fan ever
Kelisparky Link

No words. Hottest. Cubs. Fan. Ever. I need to meet this girl, OMG! Kelisparky, you’re a dime piece and one of the reasons why I love life.

Chicago cubs hot girl fan
Melinda Bubbles Link

She’s in Disney for this picture but she’s fine AF! I’m sorry, I had to include her in the roundup. No one can put out this Chicago fire!

Nigerian Accountant Cutie Cubs Fan
Explorer2.0 Link

I love black girls with blonde hair. Guess what I like even more, hot black Cubs babes! #BOOM #Micdrop

cute cubs girls
Kirstiluba Link

She went retro on us with this one and we’re down with the black and whites, so long as she’s down with O.P.P.

blonde cubs fan
LaurenLouise_xo_o Link

It’s possible that Lauren is married and off the market. We respect that, but she looked cute in her cubs tee saving lives at work so I just had to post it.

chicago cubs game 7 girl
Killertown Link

Not sure who she is and I think it was an in action shot. Nevertheless, nice work Killertown, you nailed it. Another hot game 7 girl FTW!

chicago cubs girls
Payalpatel Link

I really need to visit Chi Town more! Yes, I’m talking about the girl on the left making funny faces. Humor is a must in this dating game.

Maria Torres
María Torres Link

I really like shy girls. Especially the kind wearing a Cubs hat after winning the World Series. Hell yea Maria. Rock it gurrrrrl!

drunk chicago cubs girls
Pamela Kristn Link

Pamela, I respect the fuck outta the fact that you and your home girl are destroying an entire bottle of champagne. That’s how we do it down here in Miami. Cheers and bottoms up!

cute cubbies fan
Liz Rettig Link

She’s chillin’ at home but honestly, she was too cute to not make the list. How could we not add her? She’s girlfriend material for sure (and taken) but we can still include her.

Again, congrats to both Cleveland and Chicago. It was a wild ride but someone had to win. Until next year!


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