The Scissors Sexual Position

Here is how to execute the scissors in the bedroom to full perfection.  I like the scissors during sex because it’s an easy move, yet takes some explanation on my end.  This is why I always insert these cornier than ever, but super super at explaining stuff videos.  These are really game changers as far as I’m concerned.  Plus they add my daily dose of comedy, which is a good thing.

How to Do “The Scissors” During Sex

So basically you’ll have to lie facing one another and get her leg over your hip.  You’ll then grab her ass and she’ll grab your waist, while simultaneously pushing legs against one another.

You’ll have your groin rubbing her clit, which is never a bad thing.  You get to make out as deep as you want, which again is never a bad thing.  This can be a bit boring for some of you who are into all out sexual deviancy, like me, but hey, this is a summary for everyone and your mileage will vary from your neighbors, and vice versa.

Physically, this feels nice, and I like it, but I’m into more hard core stuff to be honest with you all.  Please read up on the round up of sexual positions to get my full list of past write ups.



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