Morgan Hultgren

We at this site would like to think that we are connoisseurs of all the hot girls on Instagram, as we dedicated a page on this site to just that. But some of the fine ladies you see on that great social media site deserve a page of their own. We won’t go crazy and fill up this site with profiles of all the hotties on that app, because there are way too many to list and we could be writing all day and night and still not get to every hot chick. But certain girls we deem worthy should certainly get a little extra attention.

One of those Instagram hotties is the fine piece of ass from Sweden named Morgan Hultgren (IG swedishkiller_xoxo). Hot damn this girl has got the goods and drives us crazy. Just take a look at the photos throughout the rest of this page and we dare you to say otherwise. You know you’re one of the top girls on IG when there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to you, with loyal fans posting their favorite photos and gifs for the readers pleasure (and I do mean pleasure, if you catch my drift – keep your box of tissues handy with you while browsing).

Here is a personal favorite of ours. Gotta love that ass! She is thick in all the right places and knows just how to tantalize all of her followers. We are utterly shocked that she has less than 5,000 followers as of the time of this writing, so we would like to pride ourselves in finding this “diamond in the rough” before she becomes way too popular. You heard it here first and are among a select crew that gets to ogle this fine lady before she becomes a household name with millions of followers. Her first post on IG is less than three months ago (as of the time of publication of this page), so she’s rather new to the social media world but we know she won’t be kept secret for much longer.


#slap #love #spanking #instamood tag a friend who would like to spank 😘😘😘😍

A video posted by Rough and Love (@swedishkiller_xoxo) on

And what good is a nice ass if you don’t have a great pair of tits to match it? This girl is not lacking in any areas as you can see by the photo below. It’s another personal favorite, perfectly showing off the goods she carries. Like we said, this girl has curves in all the right places and is a man’s dream (we’d say a woman’s dream, too – how could you resist). We just wanna stick our face in there and get smothered in a motorboating hell of a time! we can only dream – maybe we’ll find someone just as hot on SnapSext one of these days?


Some love for you from me 😘😘😘😘😘😘

A photo posted by Rough and Love (@swedishkiller_xoxo) on

We’d like to see more and more of this girl and hope she keeps up her IG. Maybe she’ll become a public figure and we can see her all over the place? We can only hope for a nip slip like Tara Reid one of these days because we’d love to see what she’s hiding behind those great outfits. Be sure to give her a follow!


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