Hot Girls On Instagram

If there’s one thing that Tom and I do right it’s trolling hot girls on Instagram. That’s right, we like to drool over those sexy IG pics and video story updates. That really shouldn’t come as any surprise to you at all, considering we are experts at meeting and hooking up. Now, I’m going to tell you one thing and I’m dead serious about it. The Instagram girls are not as easy to hook up with as the girls using dating sites. Not even close to be quite honest with you! However, they are so hot that they’re worth trying to connect with.

What Big T and I have done is removed the hard work from the equation. What exactly does that mean? Well, we’re going to tell you exactly how to connect and direct message these women. We know, when all else fails, you can simply join any of the top ranked adult dating sites and find someone to hookup with. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and spend some of your downtime browsing around and enjoying these hot Instagram girls and their provocative posts.

Actually, hold the phone! Before you start messaging these bombshells, I’m going to give you the exact formula for sending private messages to female Instagram users. You can’t just blast them with crazy, rude, sexual remarks. That’s not going to get you anywhere! Take our approach instead…

Hot Girls on Instagram

How To Message Hot Girls On Instagram

Here’s how to properly message these hot girls on Instagram that you might be interested in dating. Now, like I said, when all else fails, just use an adult dating site and you’ll definitely get lucky. Here are some messaging tips for you…

Be polite AF.

If you wanna get some IG girl excited or even in the mood to take to you, then you need to be polite and nice to her. No one likes to talk to an asshole.

Don’t send nudes.

Never, ever send any nude photos to an Instagram girl unless she asks you to do so. Even if she does, I’d shy away from sending them unless she sends you nudes first. Make sure your face isn’t in them if you do decide to send.

Follow and like them.

If you don’t follow a girl and haven’t liked any of her pics, then messaging her right away isn’t going to get you anywhere really. She’ll think you’re a troll of some sort.

Real profile and name.

You need to use your real profile and name when connecting with girls. They don’t play games and do not need to given the number of dudes that hit them up. If you want to try and meet them, then you need to prove that you’re a real person.

Okay, brace yourself for some of the most risqué Instagram photos you’ve ever seen. Barret and I are sharing the hottest girls that we know of using Instagram and we’re not stopping until we find ever single one of them. Don’t be shocked if you see a hot milf in here either. We do not discriminate at all. In fact, we’re all about hooking up with hot women in general. Have a peak below to find out what I’m talking about. I hope you took your blood pressure medicine because these girls are something else!

Stacey Lauren | @staceylauren

She’s a cute Australian girl that just loves having fun in the sun and drinking coffee. Seems like Stacey also enjoys wearing lingerie while taking selfies. You know, something that really makes me want to get her naked in bed. Not sure if she’s available or not. Don’t know, don’t care. I’d hit it fo sho!

‘Tis the season! 🌲🎁Get your girl something special from @bendonlingerie ✨✨ @pleasurestate combo ❤️

A photo posted by ☼♓︎ LAUREN (@staceylauren) on

Badass Cass | @badasscassfit_

She goes by the name of Badass Cass and she’s one of the many IG fitness models that shows off her lean body on social. I especially like the shots of her working out and showing off her abs. Yes, I have a fetish for chicks in super shape.

Julia Gilas | @juliagilas

This is Julia Gilas and she’s a famous fitness model based in California. She’s 31 years old and looks absolutely amazing. I mean, come on! If this photo doesn’t get you excited for the holiday, then I don’t know what will. I’d love to open her up for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Ella Audra | @elleaudra

I love girls with tattoos. That is why Ella comes to mind. This girl is absolute fire. She’s a MILF, model, mom, business owner and more. To top things off, she’s a USMC veteran. I mean, come on now! If you can’t appreciate this tattoo model, then who can you appreciate. Check out some of her pics, you may even run into a nip slip or two.

“Please, I want so badly for the good things to happen.” -Sylvia Plath (📸 @28cameras )

A photo posted by Tattoo Model Elle Audra (@elleaudra) on

Kayla Shea | @kaylasheag

This is Kayla Shea and she’s one of the hottest yummy natural blonde girls that I’ve come across in a long time. Why do I say that? Well, it’s not easy to end up in Sports Illustrated and this girl did just that!

Olivia Schimmel | @olivia_schimmel

So this girl is Olivia Schimmel and she’s currently a college student at Oakland University. I couldn’t believe how big her cans were when I saw them. I almost dropped my phone I was so excited. I have been messaging her for about a month now and following every post she makes. Yup, I’m creepy AF! The pic below showcases her Halloween costume. I’d let that naughty nurse shoot me with anything!

halloween part 2 💉🏥

A photo posted by olivia_schimmel (@olivia_schimmel) on

Anna Nystrom | @annanystrom

This is Anna and she likes showing off her big ass in rear shots. Anne Nystrom is from Sweden and she is absolutely stunning to say the least. An avid workout girl that loves posing in Louis Vuitton and yoga pants, I can get used to sticking my D in her P I think!

Ok guys, where do you think I should i travel next? 🌎🤔💕

A photo posted by Anna Nyström (@annanystrom) on

Karina Schnurr | @karinaschnurr

Next on deck, Canadian hottie Karina Schnurr and it’s only because she photographs so damn well! Imagine being on a boat with this girl with nobody around? Tell me you wouldn’t pound that booty calm or high seas? She’s a college student from University of Western Ontario and she’s perhaps got the nicest ass of all girls living in Canada. Nuff said, time to tap dat azz!

Just call me captain 😈

A photo posted by ₭arina Schnurr (@karinaschnurr) on

Michelle Lewin | @michelle_lewin

Not much needs to be said about Michelle Lewin. She’s a famous fitness model that wears thongs on the sunny Miami beaches. She lives pretty close to me too. I cannot stress how much of a smokeshow Michelle really is. I would pay almost anything to bury a load deep inside this genetic masterpiece. The definition of beauty!

That morning face tho -La cara de las mañanas 👉🏻Need @miami_lash: te necesito😄😘

A photo posted by Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin) on

Sophia Ruth | @sophia.ruth

I have no idea what Sophia Ruth is trying to hawk on her site but I don’t give a fuck. The only thing I care about is staring at those beautiful hangers on her chest. Sophia has a face, lips, and tits that would make just about any man cry.

Shout outs to @adrienfiorio for making my hair alive again 🙌🏻🙌🏻

A photo posted by Sophia 👈🏻 Government Name (@sophia.ruth_) on


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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