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In this profile we’ll take a look at Jessica “Jes” Rickleff. Who is this hottie you see pictured below? If you are a follower of dating shows and reality shows, you might remember her from her appearance on Bret Michaels “Rock of Love” on VH1, where hopeful star fuckers tried to win over the heart of the lead singer of Poison. If you remember the show but don’t particularly remember Jes, take a look at the pic below to refresh your memory.

jes rickleff rock of love

Not only was she one of the favorite contestants among viewers, and really into him, she was also the apple of the eye of Bret, winning the whole competition. While it may have seemed like a fairytale romance (ok, I’m lying here), the couple didn’t work out in the long run after the show ended. Jes appeared on a reunion show for the series and told the audience that there brief relationship was over, and that she thought Bret had chosen the wrong girl. Such a tragedy, I thought these two were going to defy the reality dating show odds and be the example of a perfect marriage. If there’s no hope for Bret and Jes, what can there be for the rest of us hopeless romantics?

So what has Jessice been up to since the show ended? There’s very little information about her out there, and even a VH1 retrospective “Where are they now?” on their website doesn’t have her included in their gallery, so it’s been hard to drum up some news on here whereabouts these days. Sites like seems to have the most information, though you have to take everything with a grain of salt there due to the public sourcing nature of the updates.

According to that site she has “enhanced” her assets, with a pretty impressive boob job to complement that pretty face and awesome hair. You have to love a chick with an attitude and a wild side, and Ms. Rickleff has all that in spades. Just as long as she isn’t TOO crazy, you know what I mean? There are few things worse than getting away from a crazy ex.

jes rickleff bartending in chicago

Other rumors on the site talk about her drug use, how she is claiming to be clean these days but there are many doubters out there. They cite people in Chicago (if you haven’t taken a look at the hot girls in Chicago Cubs gear, take a look now!) who are frequenters where she bartends these days (as of the last update) who are quite skeptical of her sobriety. She apparently claims to only have done weed in her life and nothing more than that, but it’s otherwise said that she’s had addictions to oxi and “pepsi”. Who knows, your guess as good as mine, and I say let this girl have all the fun she wants as long as she’s bothering nobody and keeps that fun, sexy appearance up. I would love for her to bartend for me someday!


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