How to Win Over a Woman’s Parents

So you’ve got a girl in your life these days, perhaps you picked her up at the gym or met her online at a dating site, and things are going great. You know that she’s not the only person you have to be in good graces with, however. You also have to get the approval of her friends, and beyond that if you are truly going to be with this girl long term you need to win over the biggest constituents – her parents.

Fret not, as there are many ways to get her parents approval. If she’s introducing you to her family, that’s a good sign already that she’s comfortable enough in doing so and feels that you are important enough for that introduction. Follow these tips and things will go smoothly.

How to Get Her Parents’ Approval

how to win over her parents approval

Be Polite

This may be the most important thing. Be sure to bring your manners with you when you meet her parents. It seems that this day and age that manners have gone by the wayside, but a simple “please” and “thank you” go a long way, and you can be sure that her parents will notice. Be sure to shake her father’s hand with a firm handshake and look him in the eye as you greet him. Her father will like to see that his daughter is dating a gentleman, and mom will be impressed with your nature and happy that her girl is with a “nice boy”. Having manners shows that you are respectful, raised well, and have consideration for others. These are all good things to possess.

Find Common Ground

If her dad is a big sports fan, chat about your favorite teams or the upcoming games. Heck, even take him with you when you bring your girl on a date to a sporting event. Find out what mom likes to read or watch on TV and find if you have some common interests. You can even wing it, too, feigning interest in a show like The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars and impress her with your surprise over last week’s shocking elimination. Do a little homework ahead of time and ask your girl what her parents like so you can have something to talk about.

meeting her parents for the first time

Bring a Gift

It doesn’t have to be anything big or impressive, it’s just the thought that counts when you show up at the door with something to offer. Going over there for dinner? Bring a bottle of wine (just don’t get horny off the red wine). Don’t get the cheap stuff, but don’t feel like you have to get the most expensive bottle in the store either. Flowers are always a good idea and can be put anywhere in the house to spruce things up. Ask your girl if there’s anything lacking and she can give you a good idea of something to bring.

Show Them How Much You Care for Your Girl

This goes hand in hand with being polite, but both her parents will want to see that their daughter is in good hands and genuinely cared for. Show that she is the light in your life and that you care for her as much they do. The key is to let them know that you are a good presence in her life and worth keeping around.

Follow these tips and her parents will be putty in your hands!


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