How to Tell if Someone is Gay

While someone’s sexuality and way of perceiving things is highly private, on the contrary, it is best to figure out if your guy friend is closet gay or totally straight!  If you just surfed into this article, and don’t know me from Adam, go to my home page to see what this website is all about.  Or, just read on to find out how you can have your gadar on!

Not can this only help you out in your future rendezvous but also bring you two closer either by means of dating or simply becoming best friends!

The question is, how to really tell if the guy is gay? While it can take a woman many years to know if a friend is gay, on the other hand, it can be an effortless breeze in some cases.

Many common myths reveal that you can point out a gay person by the flashy clothes they wear, the shoes they walk in or simply by the amount of product they put in their hair! No! These are all false. Instead of relying on these obvious socially created cues, look for other factors which most people overlook.

Signs That Tell You A Man Might Be Gay

  • He checks out other Men
    The perfect way to catch your friend in his gay moment is by noticing if he stares at other men. The ideal location to tick off this factor is either at the beach, where there are men draped in bear minimum or basically at bars or clubs. If he stares at men, he’s gay!
  • He likes to Flirt with Men
    Women are known for their sweet mushy talks with other girls, holding hands or saying ‘I love you’ out loud publicly, but men are known for the opposite. If your friend is too physical with his other guy friends, wants to hold hands, simply sits closer to them or keeps his arms on their shoulders, you can tell if he is gay!
  • He notices petty Details
    Guys are pretty straight forward and they never notice petty details about a woman, let alone, other men! They will never note each other’s shoes, new haircuts or a new watch. If a man is noticing all the petty details about another man such as his perfume, his smile, his new shoes or his scarf, he is definitely gay!
  • He likes Gay Porn

A straight guy will never want to see another man strip in front of him. With that said, while everyone may watch gay or lesbian porn once in a blue moon out of curiosity, the gay friend of yours will actually enjoy watching it regularly.
If not porn, he will surely enjoy movies with gay people in it.

  • He believes in Reverse Psychology

There are two kinds of gay people. The first kind will go the extra mile and talk about gays and defend their rights in the society. The second kind will actually run away from such conversations and when asked about their opinion, they can become rude and play the reverse psychology rules on you!

Either way, you will get your answer by seeing their reaction.

If you have a guy friend you think is straying from the straight path, use these simple 5 tricks and find out if he is gay!




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