Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

What girl wants to be with a boring guy? None that I can think of. Yes, while it’s nice to relax at home on the couch from time to time and enjoy some Netflix, girls love getting out of the house and having fun too. That doesn’t mean doing the same thing that you’ve done a million times before, however, as you need to change it up and add some variety to ¬†your dates. Here are a number of different activities that you can take part in as a couple and get her to like you more.

Great Date Ideas

You need to break the routine of your life and spice things up with something different and create new experiences together. If you’re all about sports and have taken her on numerous dates to sporting events in the past, do some of these things to show her that you have her interests in mind as well. These dates are all good for any couple, no matter how long you’ve been together or what your interests are or what kind of routine you’re in. Try some of these outings and see some new things together!

Cheap Dates

Dating can be really expensive, so let’s start off the list with a few things that can be done on the cheap while you’re still having fun doing it. One thing that you can do is witness a natural phenomenon together. Go outside and explore nature and take a look at a full moon that is happening that night, or check the calendar for a lunar eclipse and see something that doesn’t happen all that often.

fun things to do with your girlfriend

Another thing you can do for little money is go on a picnic together. Does anyone do that anymore? Why not? Head to the grocery store and pick up something easy to put together, fill up a bag or basket, grab a blanket and find an secluded spot and enjoy some one on one time together. Bonus points if you find a unique environment with a great view. And if it’s secluded enough maybe you can have some “fun” together. Spontaneity can be a big thing women want when it comes to sex.

You can also go visit a bookstore together and browse the aisles, maybe pick out a book for each other. Have some coffee, find some interesting books for each other. Or maybe you can make a game of who can find the silliest or grossest book on the shelf?

Alternatives to Dining Out

Going out for dinner on a weekend night can be boring after a while. It seems like you’ve hit all the same restaurants many times. How about going to a wine tasting or a beer tasting. You can find fun wine events on many different websites in your area. If there’s a local brewery near you with a tap room, go out there and try out some beers you’ve never had before.

You can also enjoy some food at home and make it fun and competitive. Have a bit of a cook-off at home with your girl and challenge her to make a better burger, steak, salsa, cookie, cake, whatever you feel like making. As a bonus, you’ll have two servings of whatever it is you’re making.

Another interesting way to go out is to have what’s called a progressive dinner. With this you start with an appetizer at one restaurant, then go to another place for your entrees, then dessert at another, and maybe some after dinner drinks at yet another. You get to sample the goods at many different places and find some new gems you may not have tried otherwise.

All of these are great ways to enjoy date night with your girl while breaking your routine. Go out and have some fun!


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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