Clues She Gives When She Wants You

So, you started hitting the personal ads online and even managed to get a few dates?  Good for you.  That’s what we’re all about here.  However, how do you know that the women you date actually like you?  Today, that’s the exact topic we’ll delve into and talk about in great depth.

Figuring out when a woman likes you can be a tricky thing for men. It’s hard enough to get a woman to like you, but it may be even harder actually realizing that they do.  Woman play games and often keep their emotions deep inside them in order to keep you guessing and trying harder.

However, they often give out signs when they like a guy but if you don’t pay attention, you can easily miss these signs. If you’re someone who has no clue what are the basic signs she gives out if she is attracted to you, you got to read on below.

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How You Know a Woman Wants You

Science has made it easier for all you guys out there who can’t figure out if a certain woman is attracted to you. We have collected a list of a few very solid signs a woman may display if she is completely into you. Read below, and pay careful attention to the woman you are trying to woo. You never know she may already be completely down for you.

  1. She lick her lips when she’s with you

A woman may unconsciously lick her lips when she is attracted to a man. Many psychologists believe that this is their way of showing the desire to kiss. But you need to be very careful before you make your move because it could just be a habit of hers. Just to be sure, study other signs she may give before you make a move.

  1. She talks about her personal stuff with you

A girl is very secretive about her personal life. If she opens up to you and is always discussing her private matters when you are around her, it means she is attracted to you. She talks to you about herself because she trusts you a lot. And one of the very basic traits of attraction is trust. Scientifically, if someone starts sharing private information about themselves with you, it increases intimacy. This is a good time to take advantage of the situation and open up to her about your feelings.

  1. She constantly looks into your eyes

Eye contact is extremely important when face to face communication happens. If she’s not into you, she will not maintain eye contact with you. But if she is attracted to you, she will constantly maintain eye contact with you. This shows her interest in you.

  1. She shows you her neck often

When you are dating a woman and she tends to expose her neck by tilting her head with a small quick smile, it means that you have caught her attention. If she combines this movement with a short glance and smiles back, it means she has completely lost herself to you.

  1. She tosses her hair often

If she tosses or runs her hand through her hair during your meet up, this can indicate that she is interested in it. It is basically a way of non verbally saying that she likes you. If she combines this movement with a small smile and opens up to you, consider her being completely into you.

These 5 signs are the most common and easy to notice signs a woman gives when she is attracted to you. Keep looking for them during the date to see if she’s actually interested in you, or if you are just a local sex pal.  If you are “just that,” and you don’t want that for yourself, then you should look at moving on.  Here’s a guide on how to let down a woman properly so you can remain cordial after the fling.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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