Best Nude Beaches in the USA

It’s commonly thought that nude beaches are a European thing, but there are plenty of places right here in the US that you can visit if you love going to the beach but hate tan lines. If you’re a bit of an exhibitionist and comfortable with your body and want to let it all hang out and soak up some sun, here are the top places in the country to visit. Be sure to bring your sunglasses unless you want to get caught looking, as well as some sunscreen to protect your naughty bits!

Top Nudist Beaches in the US

best nude beach in florida

Haulover Beach – Miami, FL

You could call this the nudist capital of Florida and you wouldn’t be wrong. This is the TOP place to go if a nude beach is your thing. You can visit any time of year and enjoy the amazing Florida weather and constant sunshine and pleasant water temperatures. Not only is this the top nude beach in the state, and the US, but it’s on the list for the best in the world. Over 7,000 visitors come to this beach daily. Make it a weekend out of it with the many hotels (if you find yourself a fling), unlike some of the more secluded nude beaches on this list.

best nude beach in NJ

Gunnison Beach – Middleton, NJ

This beach even has it’s own slogan – “Life is Short: Play Naked.” Don’t mind if I do! If you’re up in the northeast and can’t make a trip down to the Sunshine State, this is the place to go to and let the sun hit you everywhere. This is arguably the top nude beach in the region. While you may think of the MTV show “Jersey Shore” clientele, apparently the population of this beach is far from it, so you don’t have to be embarrassed if your body isn’t a “10”, so just having an average body may make you stand out and get a girl to like you here.

best nudist beach in pacific northwest

Collins Beach – Sauvie Island, OR

Moving over to the Pacific Northwest (trying to cover something for everybody, no matter what region you’re located in), take a look at the scenery at Collins Beach in Oregon. This is different from the others on the list as it is not coastal, rather it is inland on the Columbia River. It’s an easy trip from Portland and has all the charms that Portlandia has. Pick up some brews and head down the rocky stretch (the last part of your trip is on a gravel road) and it’s worth it once you get there.

best nudist beach in california

Black’s Beach – San Diego, CA

We have to have something from the state of California on here, and look no further than Black’s Beach in San Diego. By far our favorite city in Southern California, and their beaches definitely don’t disappoint. This is the place to go for a couples getaway weekend. This beach is beautiful, surround by cliff walls and bluffs that provide a nice backdrop to enhance the human scenery that populates this beach. ┬áBeing SoCal, you know the clientele at this beach is hot, rivaling that of Miami on this list. Bring your surfboard and catch some waves while you’re at it!

Are we missing any? Do you have a favorite nude beach in the US that should make this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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