5 Ways to Tease a Woman

The best way to please a woman is to give her strong and frequent orgasms.  It’s not rocket science, it’s really just what goes down in the bedroom.  You don’t need to ask women what they want in the bedroom, because that part should be known.

The best way to give her the deepest and most satisfying orgasm is teasing. Teasing builds anticipation and increases her arousal level slowly, making the climax more intense. Of course, there are ways to move her up her arousal scale quickly, but it’s best to take the scenic route, so to speak, with teasing and rock her world in the process.

How To Tease A Woman

Here’s My Five Ways to Tease Women Sexually

  1. Talking dirty – Be vocal in bed and tell her how much you want her. Tell her what you’re going to do to her. Tease her sexually and stimulate her brain while you stimulate her body. Women have the capacity to be just as turned on by what they hear as where they are touched and it makes the touching more effective. Adding some dirty talk to your lovemaking will add some titillating fun and arousing naughtiness making her want you more with each word you say.
  2. Erotic massage – One of the best ways to arouse her and bring her close to orgasm without penetration is erotic massage. The human body has pressure points from head to toe, and adding pressure to those areas will relieve stress and loosen the muscles giving a deep and satisfying feeling throughout the area. Massage her up and down her body and hover around her breasts and vagina and she will be at the peak of her arousal before you even enter her.
  3. Blindfold – This is sure to arouse both of you. Place a blindfold over her eyes and have her lie down in her bra and panties. Approach her slowly so she never knows when you are going to touch her. Touch her softly then pull away making her anticipate every caress. Just like with the massage; hover around her breasts and vagina with both your hands and your mouth. Her skin will start to tingle and she will long to feel you inside her.
  4. Strategic kissing – Kiss her lips softly, then move down to her neck. Let your lips brush against her neck and shoulder as you breathe on her skin. Kiss her behind the ear while you touch her hips and move up to her breasts. This will cause her breath to quicken and she will be even more sensitive to your touch. Just when things start to escalate, go back to soft kissing and touching.
  5. Clitoral stimulation – After you have done the rest of the teasing on the list; clitoral stimulation is the ultimate tease. Your hands and mouth have been all over her body. You have passed over her clitoris several times, but you are just now brushing it with your tongue. Touch the lips of her vagina without putting your fingers in, then touch her clitoris softly. Brush over it with your tongue again and it should start to swell from stimulation. This makes it even more sensitive. As long as you don’t overstimulate her clitoris, she will be ready to have an orgasm the moment you enter her.

Teasing women is super hot to them. It elongates the process of seduction, and will keep her around you for a much longer time.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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