USASexGuide Review: Worst Call Girl Network On The Internet

We’re generally not so quick the judge sites that we review harshly. In fact, we do our utmost to provide factual, relevant information that gets you to the websites that you need. Unfortunately, we have to say that USASexGuide is easily one of the poorest dating choices we’ve ever seen. Keep on reading to find out exactly why we find USASexGuide just so off-putting!

But first, let me explain how I and my buddy Barrett ended up finding this. We were getting wasted one night in Miami Beach, FL in our sweet apartment and ended up stumbling upon the site by accident. Given that we’re curious AF when it comes to just about everything related to hooking up, we had to dig in. What we found was unsettling at best. Keep reading to learn more.

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So Many Negatives About USASexGuide – Read To Find Out…

If you’ve ever been on a site like Close5, LetGo or OfferUp, you’ll already have an idea of what we are comparing this site too. is promoting a product that lets you meet people via reviews, hopefully, to hook up. It uses a structure much like Craigslist, where individuals can post a set number of photos and text without using a complicated, “pretty” interface to do so. I know what you’re thinking, if you think you’re going to hire a pornstar as an escort on here, then you’re out of your mind.

Unfortunately, every aspect of the site that we explored seem to be either a complete scam or so inundated with fake profiles and bots that it was mostly unusable. Most of our time on the site consisted of merely trying to get to any part of the site that connected you with other individuals at all, let alone local singles.

Unfortunately, this site seems to only market what in most states amounts to nothing more than illegal prostitution. These women post classifieds on this site looking only for men who will pay for their company, something that isn’t just illegal but also contradictory to what you’re supposed to expect from USASexGuide.

Don’t Let Them Fool You

We can’t stress this enough, don’t fall for the offers made to you by the individuals on USASexGuide. While some sites do exist that offer casual hookups for an exchange of goods or services, those sites are rare and closely monitored in the states that they’re legal in. In addition to this, most of the information they provide is entirely false.

In fact, even their photos tend to be stolen from other online profiles. Finding random partners looking to sell their bodies on an unreputable website could lead to myriad issues, including disease and dangerous situations. There are plenty of other, safer sites out there if that sort of connection is what you’re genuinely looking for.

Incredibly Too Expensive

Frankly, a site like USASexGuide shouldn’t be charging for such weak and limited services at all. But their pricing is so high when compared to similar sites that it’s almost insulting.

They’re asking you to pay for a website that connects you to “pay-for-play” individuals. This sort of situation isn’t very cost-effective, and the site itself offers nothing in the way of incentive to pay for their services.

Big Brother (Aka The Law) Is Watching

Another fact to focus on is the illegality of what USASexGuide is offering. Say for example that you connect with someone from US Sex Guide, and meet with them.

If you’re caught soliciting a prostitute, it can have severe repercussions for both your public and private lives. You could end up serving a short time in jail, and incur massive legal fees.

What We Think

As we stated above, USASexGuide offers nothing of substance. The services they do connect you to are dangerous, illegal, and quite honestly off-putting. In our research for this review, we looked through several reports that have been posted to their forums over the past year. Almost every individual complaint was in regards to how terrible their experience was when they did find someone to meet up with.

Looking for sites that will get you laid without having to spend a ton of cash in exchange for it, then try any one of the hookup networks below.



Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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