Place to Bring a Date from a Meet and Fuck Site

So yesterday I spoke about the etiquette to use when you are on meet and fuck sites.  There are ways to behave, and ways to make yourself look like a complete clown.  Remember where you met, and the premise behind it.

Today, I’ll dive into my favorite places for a quick meeting, just in case that’s in order.  Sure, there are occasions where you’ll meet someone and they will want to do the damn thing and just meet up at a house, but I don’t do that. I always assume there is some angle, and I’ll be frank – I’m terrified of being roofied.  I had a friend have that happen to him and it cost him a lot of possessions, not to mention aggravation and embarrassment.

I’m always one to weed out the riff raff and see what’s under the hood before I commit to being in a full-fledged sexual encounter with any female.  Sure, you can get someone who can fake you out once in a while even after you feel you properly vetted the situation, but if you just spend an hour of face time, you’ll be amazed at how that can be a game changer.  Today I share a few spots I like going to prior to taking things to the next level.

Where to Bring a Date From a Hook Up Site

I like to keep these sorts of dates on the low down, if you know what I mean.  There is no reason to entertain a woman from a site that could have a lot of deviants to the place everyone in town hangs out.  This short list can do wonders for you if you use it right.

Lobby Bar

#1:  Hotel Lobby Bar

This is awesome for so many reasons.  Pick the boutique hotel that nobody goes to.  Order drinks, sit in the lounge, and become acquainted.  For me, a hotel has options.  Not only can you walk around, enjoy what they offer, but you can also be discreet knowing that most people around your town aren’t going to be there because let’s face it, it’s for tourists and business folks.  Should things escalate and neither of your places work for an encounter, well, you can always splurge for a room!

#2:  Off the Beaten Path Dive Bar

I love dive bars.  My favorite dive bars are the ones I don’t frequent much.  Pop into a dive bar, or four, over time, and scout out good locations.  I find that females will act proper if they are in a proper setting, and be more prone to getting loose if they are in a more dingy setting.  Dive bars are perfect to find out if this holds true.

#3:  Beach or Public Park

Forget that the word public is in that sentence, and try to picture some place interesting where there are zero distractions.  This allows you to get right down to business – talking.  A beach also gives you the bonus – or favor – of allowing you to see her in scantily clad clothing before you find out the hard way that she has cellulite and acne on her butt.

For more about these types of websites, visit this page and read all about how you can simply create a profile and being messaging women who are interested in sex.


Tom Savage is a serial dater living in Miami Beach, Florida. In between pool parties, late nights, and an occasional day trading session, he likes to share his tips on meeting women online. You can contact Tom on this page.

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