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As I write this review, it’s the end of the week and I’m feeling pretty jacked up today, so you know I’m holding nothing back today! Today’s review is on a site called I’ll do my best to not make you fall asleep while reading this. Trust me, you won’t once you hear me absolutely dismantle this site.

The first thing you need to understand is that sites like a dime a dozen. They are one of my least favorite types of dating sites. The main reason is that it does not truly exist. It’s one of the shady redirect tricks that so many marketers are doing today. (YAWN….)

Soon as you type the URL into the browser, you’re immediately redirected to another dating site called The worst thing about this is that I’ve already investigated this site before, and it turned out to be complete crap. This tells me that it’s just another crappy site on a network that is created purely to rip you off. I’m diving deeper into things to give you a better idea of what you’re dealing with here. Reviews

Read As I Completely Destroy For Everything They Do!

After you are redirected to UDate, you enter your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for. Another little red flag pops up in the window where you enter your e-mail address. It says that you are agreeing to receive promotional e-mails from I was wondering how many more sites were going to be linked to this one. Why would you join a generic site like this if you could just join Match? Match has some fake profiles, but at least some of the users are real. That is more than I can say for this site.

Before I finished registering, I was redirected to yet another site. The site where you actually create your dating profile is You must fill out quite a bit of information before they allow you to sign in. After I filled out my full profile, I was still forced to answer 73 questions before I could sign in. This is very time-consume considering that you must deal with dishonest practices. By the time you find out that the site is not genuine, you have already wasted a lot of time that you could have spent on a much more effective dating site.

To unlock the full features of the site; you must upgrade your membership. The incentives to upgrade are putting your profile first in the Meet Me section, unlocking all extended profiles, see if your emails were read or deleted, no ads, find out dates and times when someone views your profile. Oh, but there are others as well, such as receiving an increase in emails (this sounds like they just plan to send you more fake emails), triple the number of people viewing your profile, stand out in searches, send 3 gifts daily, and uploading 16 images.

Honestly, half of those “incentives” to upgrade are likely all bot driven and algorithm driven. It’s total crap and a joke if I’ve ever seen one. On top of that, since you must pay for no less than 2 months to upgrade, they require that you dish out cold hard cash to do nothing great. A 2-month plan is $38.70, a 4-month plan is $51.00, and an 8-month plan is $79.92. It’s nice that you can pay with PayPal, but it’s just not worth the price. Not to mention that Paypal is quite shady as is.


I’m not going to be recommending that anyone use this site at all. If you come across or then the best bet is to run for the hills! As far as I’m concerned, the sheer number of times you are redirected to other sites is reason enough to avoid it. It’s one site among many fraudulent sites on a network that makes its money off of deceiving people. The good news is that I’m smarter than that and I know you are as well.

Wanna know what works? 

Forget about using any other dating site that’s NOT listed below. Those on my list below work like a charm and they’re the ones that I use every single day today.

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