Online Dating Versus Traditional Dating (Comparison)

I think it’s finally time to put the debate to rest about whether online dating is better than traditional dating. Thanks to the growing popularity and security of online dating, it has eclipsed traditional dating in many ways. Not to say that you should quick traditional dating completely. It’s common for many people to do both.

In fact, many prefer one over the other and they’re still successful doing both. The question is: Which one is best for you to concentrate your efforts on more? Below is a comparison of the two types of dating and the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you determine which method you should choose to concentrate on more than the other.

difference between online dating and traditional

The Difference Between Online Dating and Traditional

I’m not going to waste any time here. Instead, let’s just kick things off by going over the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Traditional Dating: Advantages

  • Meeting face to face – You get to see the person in the flesh before you meet them, so there is less risk of misrepresentation.
  • No risk of catfishing – Catfishing can be humiliating and disheartening. You don’t have to worry that you are being targeted. You control who you meet.
  • Animal magnetism – Sight, smell, and attraction are factors in traditional dating and the connection can be more immediate if the chemistry is there.
  • Eye contact – Some connections can be made by simply looking someone in the eye. This isn’t possible with online dating unless you video chat.

Traditional Dating: Disadvantages

  • No time to prepare a presentation – You are put on the spot and you have no time to present yourself and what kind of person you are.
  • Social awkwardness – If you are not comfortable in social situations, meeting someone in person and hooking up is nearly impossible.
  • Lack of information – You often have no idea if someone is interested in you, nor whether they are the type of person you will get along with.
  • Bad first impressions – When approaching someone cold, you run the risk of making a bad first impression and ruining your chances of a hookup immediately.

Online Dating: Advantages

  • Time to prepare a presentation – You have the tools to present yourself and let a potential mate know what you’re all about before you meet.
  • Time to build confidence – You have time to figure out the best strategy and the anonymity can help you be more confident.
  • Compatibility information – More information is available, so you will know if you are approaching a compatible match.
  • Control over first impressions – You have more control over the impression you make on a potential mate with less risk of mistakes or awkwardness.

Online Dating: Disadvantages

  • Fake profiles – Many dating sites, even the good ones, have fake and spam profiles, so there is a learning curve to be able to spot the fakes.
  • Bogus dating sites – Let’s be honest. There are many more bogus dating sites than there are real ones, so you must do research.
  • Money – Most dating and hookup sites cost money to join, so you have to pay the meet the person on top of paying for a date.
  • No eye contact or physical attraction – You must rely purely on your pictures and profile info and there is less possibility of immediate attraction.

Well, as you can see, they both have pros and cons. However, dating online is so much better in my opinion. I’ve never been able to successfully dating in a traditional setting and get laid as much as I do online.


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